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technology1 | 22:45 Mon 19th Apr 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Just a couple more dingbats that I'm stuck on please.

1. SAHSTOREARA - I can see Sahara and store but haven't heard of shop in the middle of a desert

2 The word DIGIT written twice. Once going across and the other downwards in the middle of it. Again, I thought of crossed digits but haven't heard of it.

WORD WORD - Could it be Hamlet's last words

4. The word Blind with the 'i' upside down.

Once again any help would be appreciated


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could 1 be OASIS (kind of shop/resting place in the desert)?
2 Fingers crossed
2 crossed fingers or fingers crossed
2) Fingers Crossed
4 Turn a blind eye (i) ??
3. a play on words.
Question Author
Hi, thank you everyone. It's funny isn't it that when you're told the answer it then becomes so obvious. Many thanks Boxtops for the Oasis answer. No-one else has mentioned that but I think you could be right.
1. Could it be - 'Desert Boots' ?
Question Author
Does anyone have anymore ideas please for SAHSTOREARA other than desert boots and oasis. Both are good but would like some confirmation please
I was thinking along the lines of 'bury in the sand', but again it's far from certain!
Question Author
You're right - it's another one to think about... Thank you. I've no idea at all now, I might just put all the suggestions in a hat and draw one out!!
Theres such a thing as Desert Chain Store long shot I know
Store in a dry place.
store in a dry place...definitely the best answer
1. Store in a dry place
2. fingers crossed
4. turn a blind eye

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