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Strix | 09:45 Sat 27th Mar 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Tempus fugit, the years pass, the shadows fall and “at my back I always hear
 Time's wingèd chariot hurrying near”.

Yes, this is my last week setting the links (stop cheering, you rabble).

But before I start wittering (comme d’habitude) I must thank and pay tribute to Gen2 who has had to field all my nonsense and make sure, insofar as it is ever possible, to keep me on track. Thank you, Gen2.

Now down to business.

Yes, we have now passed the equinox and must prepare for the long drawn-out hot summer (!) that some have predicted. Tomorrow morn, when we wake, the clocks will tell an hour later and the evenings will be lighter for longer.


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British Summer Time is going to be far too obvious...
I think Strix and gen2 were made for each other! :-))
I can hear gen2's plaintive cry - come back, crofter, come back and save me, - from the other side of the world !!
'on track' - railways?
Question Author
Isn’t it strange that now when the sun shines and air is warmer one suddenly feels much more energetic, almost like gambolling as there seems to be more of a bounce in one’s stride? The glass that was half-empty now looks half-full. But before we get carried away with seasonal joy and optimism, nothing is as simple as that for next week’s weather forecast is dire with predictions of more of the white stuff. Regardless of that, the buds are slowly unfurling and on the trees and in the hedgerows new life is beginning.

I wrote last week that the veg patch had now been dug and planted, though I have to confess that this ageing body is feeling, ouch, the after-effects of all that effort! Memo to self must win lottery and hire a gardener.

As I type we are soon to move on from this month and progress into April and then onto summer and maybe soon there will be stuff sprouting from the ground to be cooked or added to salads etc. But “summer's lease hath all too short a date” and as it fades, up in the orchard there will be the fruits of the season to be picked up and turned into chutneys, sauces or even home-brew cider now that Mr Darling is the West Country’s Mr Something else!
Wot, Pauline, the Owl and the Pussycat?
no wonder crofter went awol!!
...or 'field', the so called Summer Sport!
Like that Aqa.. :-))
there's FIELD and TRACK events? and a CHARIOT ~ and a CLOCK?
Question Author
As always, for the every day running of MM, I will follow the same rule as introduced by crofter on word length. Each of my chosen link words contains at least four letters and at most eight. Stray outside this range and you will be wasting one of your attempts!
Each of my selected words may go in front of or after my challenge word. The competition will officially close at 7.00pm on Sunday evening when Gen2 will declare my selected words, then apply the same rules for awarding points that have been applied during all MM Link Games in the past.
My final set of four words to have their links predicted will appear below at 9.00am.
Have fun and good luck.
2012 - London Olympics ???
gambolling - prediction - lottery - grand national ?
and another bl**dy year gone!!
This could start a whole new competition!
Boat Race even!!! :0)
good thinking Aq!
Question Author

I, Strix the Horologist, challenge you to predict the fourth and final set of words based on



Get dancing
Spring ONION
Forward ROLL
Without much hope...

Spring ROLL
Forward MARCH

Good luck to all

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