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DSJ | 18:19 Thu 18th Mar 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Stuck on the last few. Any help much appreciated. I need both make & model. The clues relate to the model of each car.

1. Possibly the most artistic of all vehicles.
2. "Speedy" long winged insectivorous
3. Take a millionth part and change "o" to "a" for this small car.
4. Equine racing with the Royals.
5. An experienced advisor who will support.
6. Describes a chivalrous man who lost an L.

No numbers given.


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1 Think France, both for the car make and the model

3 Japanese, small
2 Try Apus apus
6. a Mitsubishi
6 Galant ?
Question Author
Thanks. I've worked out numbers 2 & 6 thanks to your clues but am still struggling with the others.
1 A cubist, had a blue period, was Spanish originally but lived in France. Daughter now has perfume .

£ If a thousandth is a milli- what would a millionth be ?
sorry, meant to type 3, not £
Question Author
1. Picasso? Thanks ladyalex.
Well, that's what I think the answer would be to no 1.....

Are you getting there with no3 yet ?
Not yet, ladyalex. I'm still working on it!
Question Author
Hey Simon, that clue was meant for me. Stop poaching!
3 the number of letters for the maker is 6, for the model is 5
It's Japanese.
It's small.
It's nearly a crime.
Question Author
Nissan Micra? Many thanks.
Question Author
Just need 4 & 5 now.

Sorry, no ideas for 4 and 5....except that there used to be a make of car that had the same name as a 'Royal' racecourse in Berkshire and an ancient water heating system...pretty old car, though.
Glad if I've helped so far :-))
Question Author
I was thinking of the racecourse & the old heater (we had one at home) but wasn't sure if it was a model of car. I will delve further. Thanks.
It is here, but pretty ancient....
Question Author
Thanks for that. Not sure about the make. Perhaps we're on the wrong track here.

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