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Strix | 09:44 Sat 13th Mar 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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As Strix flew back to his regal tree (there is no place like…..) from delivering his first week’s MM Links to Gen2’s nest on the “ fringe of gold on a beggar's mantle”, he marvelled at the verdant valleys and forests that still adorn the British countryside. A deer, with his does, lifted his head to watch him as he passed. Rabbits scuttled swiftly to safety in the hedges.

And as he winged his way a tune came into his head and he started to hoot:

“Of all the trees that grow so fair,
Old England to adorn ……”


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in my experience, rabbits scuttle swiftly straight into danger!!!!
look out, the owl's been at it already this morning !!!
Winged, tune, grow, fair? Or maybe - severed,hand?
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Back home atop his mighty tree he opened his post and, lo, there was a letter from his famous literary cousin OWL.

100 Aker Wood

Dear Strix,

I am turning to you for help.

You know I am never a coward but I am about ready to erupt or, worse, burst into tears.

I have just received a letter from the Eurocrats telling me that my address, in order to conform with EU regulations, had been renamed 40.47 hectare National Park and has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest with Historic Literary connections.

Also they have told me that dear Master R.C. Milne has been served with a court summons from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for keeping unlicensed marsupials as well as a member of an endangered species from the Indian Sub-Continent.

...Greater are none beneath the Sun than Oak and Ash and Thorn ....

Methinks Strix has been on those mushrooms !
And a passing band of swallows said, "It's that old owl again. He really shouldn't be out in broad daylight"
Question Author
Strix turned the page and read on:

“What’s worse, coz, is that the RSPCA are accusing Master Robin of having an ursine pet so malnourished that the ursine had, perforce, to raid apiaries in the SSSI so as to feed himself.

I’m not feeling very nourished myself as I have given up on Voles and Shrews for these 40 days of fasting and am having to survive on field mice who are in short supply, because this winter has been so cold, and have been hibernating overlong. I was so desperate for food the other day I had a close brush with a vulpine over trying to be first to get to, of all things, a church mouse.

For Heaven’s sake, who will protect us from these bureaucratic bullies?

Dear coz, it’s all very cross-making.

Yours as ever,

What-a-todo, What-a-todo” Strix twitted.
..all very Tiggerish.
links with Europe?...think we have too many already!
Still having problems with connecting to Internet. How can I cope with Strix's oddities at the same time?!
Doesn't he go on!!!!
red tape...or red herring?
Question Author
As ever, for the every day running of MM, I will follow the same rule as introduced by crofter on word length. Each of my chosen link words contains at least four letters and at most eight. Stray outside this range and you will be wasting one of your attempts!
Each of my selected words may go in front of or after my challenge word. The competition will officially close at 7.00pm on Sunday evening when Gen2 will declare my selected words, then apply the same rules for awarding points that have been applied during all MM Link Games in the past.
My second set of four words to have their links predicted will appear below at 9.00am.

Have fun and good luck to you all.
Mornin' Christiana ~ it's beautiful morning on the Lincs coast. How goes it?
do you get the feeling nobody's taking you seriously, wise [??] old owl !!!
Morning Dustybun. Off to Lincolnshire on Tuesday to see new home. Hoping to move in late June.
Oh, thank goodness! I was beginning to lose the will to live! Morning Pauline!
Morning!! :-))
Question Author
I, Strix the Sylviculturalist, challenge you to predict the second set of words based on

OAK (I am permitted a 3-letter word, but you are NOT!)
ASH (I am permitted a 3-letter word, but you are NOT!)
thorn BIRD
lily POND

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