MAIL ON SUNDAY 1500 crossword.

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bobbie22 | 11:27 Sun 28th Feb 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please help, I am stuck on one at the moment. 12d. Phenomenon in which a field of force is produced by a moving electric charge. 9 letters. I thought it was magnetics, but it does not fit in with 26a which is the turn of the screw.
Thanks in advance


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would it be magnetism?
could you not check with the link mad steve has posted

Question Author
What link is that? and what is the point of having the answer bank if you cannot ask questions?
Magnetism is correct
sorry did not mean to sound rude, i have not done the crossword yet , if you were just stuck on that question to finish steve puts his completed grid on line .if you click on the link i have posted it will take you to steve's post this morning.
click on steve's link and you can check your answer's with his.

hope this helps
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There is no point or pleasure in bothering to do a crossword if you are just going to copy one that someone else has already done!
i agree that is why i will not look at his completed grid, but if that was your last one it would not matter.
theres gratitude for you dr filth !
What does it matter whether we obtain the answers from dictionaries and other various books of reference,search engines or from the intelligence of the entrants on this website. either way they are great tools which aid learning. We are ALWAYS grateful to those whom we consider to be very intellectual for assisting us with the completion of the crosswords when we reach an impass..
Thank you and keep those answers coming

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MAIL ON SUNDAY 1500 crossword.

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