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LottieAnne | 17:20 Tue 09th Feb 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I just cannot finish the last four clues on this old crossword. Perhaps someone could help me?

9ac Attack at the front - retreating, nothing is captured. (8) i - - - - e - -
11ac Peace-loving American took the plunge with object of affection (8) d - - - - o - -
6d They regulate people's pursiuts (4,4) - - - - / - a - s
8d The queen may appreciate their feelings (8) - - - - - n - e

The second letter of 6d is the fourth letter of 9ac. The second and fourth letters of 8d are the last letters of 9 and 11ac


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6d Race laws?
Or maybe hunt laws...
Folk laws??
8d audience ?
9a INVASION [attack] - at the front = in van, retreating nothing is = sio ('o is' backwards)

so RACE LAWS looks to be correct and you seem to have 7d(?) incorrect


would both fit
6d]game laws?
Question Author
Thanks everyone. I like invasion but, as you say, it means that 7d is wrong. The clue for that is - Foreign girl raises a little drink I raise? Not quite. (8) I had put 'senorita' as an anagram of raise not. If invasion is right the letters would be
- i - i - i - a assuming dovelike is also right. I cannot find any words to fit these letters. If it were dovecote then the fourth letter would be o and not i which would fit with senorita. I am sorry that it took me so long to respond but I had not received any emails to tell me that there were answers awaiting. Again many thanks

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