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kb1007 | 19:23 Tue 02nd Feb 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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All answers have animal names in them, they can be fish, mammals, mythical creatures etc.

Please can anyone help me with the following:

1. Diabolic form of transport
2. This animal sounds like you should store things in it and stack it
3. An insect that blew in the winds of change
4. Sounds like all the colour's come out of this one

Please help anyone, it's driving me nuts.

Many thanks


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1 Devil's Coach-Horse a type of beetle
20:15 Tue 02nd Feb 2010
4 rainbow trout ?
3 ANTicyclone?
1 Devil's Coach-Horse a type of beetle
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Thanks for the help on this one everyone. Answer for Question 1 is great - THANKS, sure it's the right one. Still holding out for any other suggestions for the others, good so far!
3 Scorpion The Rock band Scorpions had a single called Wind of change

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