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AB Editor | 16:38 Tue 12th Jan 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Dear All,

We've collected together all your suggestions and put them into one big list. We're intending to filter them out by national/local weekly/daily etc so that we can have a better understanding of it all.

I was unaware that you were all so busy with the business of crosswording and quizzing! I will publish the rather long list below.

I was hoping you could do us one more service - let us know the agreed abbreviations for certain puzzles and papers. We've got DM for Daily Mail and DT for the Daily Telegraph. Is Ob. used as well? (For the Observer of course). I cannot remember!

We thought it might be useful to new users to have a list of abbreviations. If you have any more papers to add, do feel free!

Thanks everyone!

Spare Ed


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The Daily Mail
The Times
The Telegraph
The Independent
The Express
The Guardian
The Financial Times
The Mail on Sunday
The Sunday Times
The Observer
The Financial Times W/E
The Sunday Express
The Spectator
New Statesman
Private Eye
Daily Record (SCO)
Take A Break
The Sun
Radio Times
Times Literary Supplement
BBC History Magazine
Catholic Herald
The Sunday Post
The Sunday Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph
The Wisden Cricketer
Saturday Scotsman (SCO)
Scotland on Sunday (SCO)
Belfast Telegraph (IRE)
Sunday World (IRE)
Irish Mail on Sunday (IRE)
Sunday Business Post (IRE)
Sunday Independent (IRE)
Agriword (IRE)
The Church Times
The Week
RTE Guide (IRE)
Full House (IRE)
Real People
That’s Life
Pick Me Up
Puzzler Magazines
Womans Way (IRE)
Saturday Western Mail
Sunday Telegraph (SCO)
Glasgow Herald (SCO)
Wetherspoons Pub Magazine
Irish News (NI)
Sunday World (NI)
Sunday Life (NI)
Newcastle Evening Chronicle
What's Brewing Magazine
Saturday Yorkshire Post
The Oldie
Daily Mirror
Daily Star
Ripon Gazette
Farmers Guardian
Northern Echo
Darlington and Stockton Times
The Press and Journal
The Big Issue
Lovatts Puzzles
Daily Herald (SCO)
The Sunday Tribune (IRE)
Ireland's Own (IRE)
Competitions Galore
Lucky Break
Prizes and Puzzles Special
Prize Draw Winner
Prizes Galore
Prize Quest
Puzzles Galore
Simply Prizes
I notice that the Sunday Mail is missing form your list.
The Sunday Mail is NOT the same as the Mail on Sunday.
The Sunday Mail is published by the Daily Record stable in Scotland.
Also there is no such distinct Scottish paper as the 'Sunday Telegraph (SCO)'

Maybe that is where you meant to type 'Sunday Mail (SCO)'
Just as the Telegraph has a Sunday edition so does the Independent (I O S)
What happened to The Quibbler (TQ)
spare ed-
Belfast Telegraph is N ireland
Hi AB Editor

You may also like to note that there are crosswords in some of the national papers which are aimed at the more experienced solver, and these are posted on here under the individual titles.
Azed - Observer
Mephisto - Sunday Times
Inquisitor - Independent
Enigmatic Variations - Sunday Telegraph.
Listener - Saturday Times
Beezlebub - Independent on Sunday
Hi AB Ed - I've thought of another...The Courier (a Dundee paper)
This is going to get very silly if you are trying to issue a list of every crossword or puzzle that might be done by the users of AB - the local ones alone will be numerous! Is there really any point to all of this?
Just one question ,Spare Ed - Who is going to act as gatekeeper, to ensure that questions go into the correct section ?
Surely there isn't going to be a sub section for every single crossword?
I can't believe you could create a list without The Argus !

The Guardian ... Gdn ?
ed will you be having a separate section for all the papers

ps, i did not see the manchester evenng news on your list
The MEN, is short for the Manchester Evening News
It's very hard, if not impossible, to formalise all this. For example: The Spectator is sometimes called The Speccie but not always, and that abbreviation could well be disliked/ignored by some. Enigmatic Variations is usually but not always referred to as EV.
I can't help feeling that if you can't cope with one or two variations in the heading then you are not going to get very far with the crossword itself either.
Is Yours IRE the same as Yours magazine
No mention yet of the London Evening Standard (where you can get it!) or the Metro (available at all good railway stations across the SE of England)....
The London Evening Standard ...

Available from all good waste bins, pavements and tube train seats.
absolutely Jayne, I think that's why they stopped charging for it, but it still gives me something to do on the train home!
I guess it's better than nothing, boxtops

(but ... only just!)

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