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grannydi | 09:45 Sat 26th Dec 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This is ‘Princess Di’ (aka grannydi) summoning all AB Linkers to take up my final challenge and bring 2009 to a suitable close. May I begin by wishing one and all “A Very Merry Christmas”! I sincerely hope that you have now recovered from the excesses of yesterday, got over your hangover, put your brain in gear and are ready to pit your wits for this, the last week of my reign. I cannot believe that this is my final contribution for the month of December. I can honestly say that it’s frightening how quickly time goes, when one is enjoying oneself. After last week’s dearth of points, I command you to do a little better this week -- I like to see lots of points scored, even if it means a bit more work for crofter.

I suppose that I am now about to enter my dotage, well the kids think I have already become firmly established there! As you know, I hit 70 this year and “himself” has only just had his this month – so I’m a bit of a cradle snatcher with my “toy boy”. We still keep playing golf and enjoy our travels around the world. We try to get at least two trips away each year, the golf clubs invariably go with us, as hubby gets withdrawal symptoms if he is away from the golf course for long. In February, we are off to USA and throwing in a side trip through the Panama Canal. We are led to believe that it’s one of the best trips to undertake (we shall see). How long we will continue with such an active lifestyle, who can say? However, both our Mothers are still in the “Land of the Living” (aged 100 and 93 respectively), so we hope to be getting out and about for quite a while yet.


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Deecee is in the wilds of Norfolk but has asked me to enter his words for him (ha ha silly boy) so here goes
Christmas turkey
Christmas pudding
Christmas Holly
Christmas Tree

No I cannot stitch him up - here are his real attempts

Cold Turkey
Pudding Club
Holly Hocks
Tree Creeper

Good morning and Merry Christmas to Grannydi, Crofter and all players.

Here are my pathetic guesses:

TALK Turkey
Pudding STONE
Bronze turkey
Plum pudding
Holly wreath
Tree house
merry christmas everybody
Roast Turkey
Plum Pudding
Holly Wreath
Family Tree
Turkey breast
Pudding Lane
Holly bush
Tree frog
Happy Christmas Everyone

Turkey Vulture
Summer Pudding
Tree Kangaroo
Turkey Trot
pease Pudding
Tree Surgeon

Ulysses kindly brought my attention to the fact that, while trying to add a little Ozzie flavour, Gum hasn't sufficient letters so if I may, I'll try Pine Tree, thanks. errr, sorry, crofter.
Seasons Greetings to one and all,
Turkey Carpet
Black Pudding
Holly Blue
Tree Creeper
Turkey Trot
Plum Pudding
Holly Berry
Tree Trunk
Greetings frim the wilds of frozen Berkshire. Brain not properly thawed out, but I'l try

Turkey Trot
Pudding Lane
Holly bush
Family tree.

Well done Princess Di and King Crofter and best wishes to you all from Aquagility.
Good afternoon all and Happy Christmas, I'll try:

TALK Turkey
Pudding BASIN

Thanks Princess Di and Crofter although my efforts this month have been pathetic. Best wishes to you all for the New Year.
Having got in early I didn't stay long enough to express my thanks to Grannydi for all her posers this month and, of course, crofter, who is the pilot of the MM Links ship and without whom it would not sail.
So thank you, both of you.

Grannydi, by way of amusement, as you are, as my wife's step-father is, the beneficiary of a "Dunelm" degree. My stepfather-in-law, a pompous pedantic a*se but a very good friend, at Boxing Day luncheon today refused to refer to his time in Newcastle studying for his degree by anything other than his time at "King's". I suppose I should be embarassed by my two degrees from Newcastle University!!

!! No further comment needed !!
Good Evening everyone My guesses for thIs week are
Good luck
Good evening Princess Di - apologies for our lateness!! – SHAZZA is going with:

COLD Turkey
PLUM Pudding

And I’m going for:

RICE Pudding

A Happy New Year to everyone!!
I hope we are not too late, but have been out since early morning.
Mr. O
Turkey Vulture
Rice Pudding
Holly Berry
Family Tree

Mrs. O
Talk Turkey
Pease Pudding
Holly Bough
Spruce Tree

Good luck to everyone.
COLD turkey
PLUM pudding
holly BERRY
turkey stuffing
native holly
suet pudding
tree stump
Question Author
Strix, I must admit that I was a little concerned that you took 7 years to get your degree, now of course you have admitted to an extended stay for a second degree. I am quite proud to admit that I have a 'Dunelm' degree, taken in memory of my uncle, who also had a 'Dunelm' degree, but didn't survive Dunkirk in 1940.
Our year was the last to be able to choose which degree we took as we started during Durham University's tenure.
ALL THE BEST FOR 2010 to everyone

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