KM Links Game - December week 3 results

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seekeerz | 07:15 Mon 21st Dec 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Ho Ho Ho !!!! or should that read - Good morning everyone !!! Thank goodness for ulysses having read the fine print and giving us some direction and while some of us [ including me ] threw in the towel for assorted [ and very good ] reasons, a fair few made a very commendable attack on the problem before you and came up with some very good responses - though I was very sorry to see that Anne Chickenstalker wasn't among the matches which were -

Cricket on the Hearth - Peerybingle
The Chimes - Trotty
The Battle of Life - Jeddler
A Christmas Carol - Tiny Tim

Seeing we're so close to Christmas I did my usual very generous trick awarding points - if the name from the crossword appeared in your answer, you got points - ie Mrs Peerybingle got you a point, but Crachit [sp?] did not and I had to be a little restrained when it came to Toby Veck, because it really was his nickname - Trotty - which was asked for. Hope that all makes sense.

And big Congratulations firstly go to HANDBAGLADY who made three correct matches for a total of 6 points

Comgratulations also go to JOOLS, JAN1956, DEECEE131, CHRISTIANA, SLANEY, GRANNYDI & CHRISS for two correct matches and also to the 14 other entrants who collected 1 point for their tally.

As usual I'm running a tad late with this - so have a great week, a fantastic Christmas Day and if you have a mind to, remember that the next day IS Saturday, and we'll try to meet, same time, same place for the final week of the contest and the year. Best wishes to all and the Leader Board will follow..S


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9 points - DEECEE131




And a whole gaggle of us with either 5, 4, 3, 2 0r 1 next to our names on the seekeerz spreadsheet - which just at present is spread [ ha ha ] all over the place. One more week to go, so bye till then, Steff
Hi seekeerz, I think I've been robbed! My answers were marion jeddler, eve trotty,tiny tim and edward tackleton.
Under your ' rules' I got 3 names right. i.e. jeddler,trotty and tiny tim. So I either get 3 right or only 1 (tiny tim).
Sorry to bother you
Happy Christmas - have a good hot/warm one!!
Question Author
Hi Di - was Eve Trotty related in any way to Toby Veck [whose nickname was Trotty] ?? If she was, then yes you'll qualify for 6 points under the Steff-makes-them-up-as-she goes-along rules

As I read it, I gave you points for Tiny Tim and Jeddler [ regardless of it being Marion not the Dr, as per the question]

Will come back later and check with you, seeing as my knowledge of Dickens is zilch - well not entirely but when you had Pickwick Papers rammed down your throat at school, it didn't bode well for anything else he wrote !!!
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Right - a couple of amendments will be made at the commencement of next weekend's game -

both DEECEE131 & GRANNYDI will each be awarded 3 points to bring their total from today's scores to 6 points, having correctly matched 3 links. Both submitted Eve Trotty as thier entry for The Chimes. I have done some research and google informs me there really isn't an Eve Trotty - the sentence years Eve, Trotty........ and so on


DEECEE131 is in 2nd place with 12 POINTS

apologies to you both, all will be rectified next week.
Thanks seekeerz, just shows that I didn't read the script right!!
All the best, I will be trying again next weekend.
I'm so glad someone else has the same reason for disliking Dickens Steff! I thought I might have scored a few points for ingenuity or entertainment or something!!! I hope Kate makes it a little easier for you next week. Meanwhile, have a lovely (warm) Christmas. :0)
No points for me again, Steff. Kate gave you a rough ride this week - which is all the more reason to thank you for your patience and effort throughout the year. Have a very happy Christmas - and, if you have time, send us a little of your Christmas climate.
Steff - thank you for your hard work this week - wasn't easy! I am delighted to have as many as one match, and relieved to find kindred spirits who were also put off reading Dickens when at school (Great Expectations and Tale of Two Cities in my case - double agony!). I must hand it to KM in that she made us all do a bit of googling we otherwise wouldn't have done in order to, first, find the answers to Saturday's clues and, second, to find a list of characters from which to choose in order to play this game. I will admit to only having heard of ONE of the four titles so I feel slightly less ignorant, which is good, but I'm still not inspired to actually read any of them, which is a pity. Still, with so many literary genres out there there's something to suit everyone - that's my excuse...
Well done to everyone listed above.
Well done to all the points scorers and many many thanks to seekeerz.
It can't be easy keeping the scores and the leaderboard...not a job I would want (or be any good at), so I'm very glad that you do it so well.

Have a very Merry Christmas, everyone and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

(I will give the moose in the larder a body swerve tonight.)
'Tis just as well 'tis the season of good cheer for you are very generous with your marking Steff!

As regards the Jeddler's - Marion is NOT the same character as Dr Anthony - very, very generous I think!!

Season's greeting's to all from Bob Meldrew - erstwhile brother of Victor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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KM Links Game - December week 3 results

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