MM and KM Links October 2009 [Week 5]

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crofter | 18:57 Fri 30th Oct 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good Evening AB Linkers, everywhere!

Tomorrow will bring the last round in the October Links Games. As far the MM Links are concerned, scoring has been somewhat limited and the setter, Queen Christiana the Cheerful, is determined to make amends. After all, much rests on the outcome of this final challenge. The leader board will be used to decide who will be the November Royal Setter ~ and as St Matthew said: “many that are first shall be last, and the last shall be first”. The game is now poised in a critical stage with several MM Linkers well placed to carry off the October title.

Regular Linkers will be aware that there is an international version of the same game called KM Links. That version is organised by Steff (aka seekeerz). She hails from a little place down under called Australia and she keeps “the scores on the doors”. Since KM Links kicks off at an earlier hour and we have little control over precisely WHEN it starts, there are no penalties for entering your predictions at a later time. Both games remain open for most of the weekend and all entries are scored and entered on to master scoreboards. Newcomers are always welcome!

On Saturday night, I face a stiff challenge. Grandson, Harry, now 9 months’ old, will be sleeping over at the Croft whilst his parents attend a local pop festival. This will be the first time he has slept away from home. I don’t expect trouble ~ but you never can tell!

Me? I’m crofter and I keep the scores for the MM Links Game.

Until we meet up tomorrow, may I wish you “Good Luck” and “Happy Linking”!



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Hey you guys! I'm back from the land of constant sunshine and 9.25% sales tax and returned to what passes for normal in this household..... so I'll start again: Good evening everyone! I've missed the Friday evening sessions in the shrubbery and am looking forward to trying to get a point - any point - for October.
Good luck for Sat. Crofter !! Hi Tearinghair, welcome back!! I haven't scored 1 point this month but have been going out early to Carboots and doing links about lunch time, so not much chance . It seems very quiet here tonight, where is Jan, she is usually around.
Where have you been, I can't remember ??, and did you have a good time ??
evening-crofter-tearing -evsajo-
quiet tonite
need a hot toddy, head is full of cotton wool
keep sneezing so I will just sit in a corner and die quietly(((((
Hi everyone..Reg was installing the printer back onto my laptop...on a Friday night!! He should know better!
Eldest daughter's Birthday, she has a friend staying I am trying to keep them happy as well as please myself! Now I need a glass of wine..
Poor you Jan...I hope you are being looked after....
Been to California to visit son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Lots of nice things to remember, which is good because I'm not sure when I'll see them again; possibly next year but more likely 2011.

Sorry you're not feeling well, Jan1956. Whisky or brandy with orange, hot water and honey usually works for me...
That must have been a lovely trip tearinghair....but sad to leave also I'll bet.
At least have the weekend off, but it seems such a waste to be ill when am at home
glad you had a good time visiting the grandchildren tearing hair
I carved two pumpkins with mine today and made some spooky buns, all red syrup ands marshmallow fangs!
When you're not feeling well either Jan. I dread tomorrow...the door never stops, and I can't pretend we're not in because the dog doesn't stop barking!
had promised them Pauline,
also Dil had been to hospital for a Lumber Punch due to an on going medical problem
so sh ewas not feeling too clever
so took the kids for a few hours
we are taking the whole family out for a carvery on sunday (6 adults 2 kids) get the credit cards out!!!!!
Just typical eh Jan...putting others first!
Eating out can be really expensive, but usually those carvery's aren't too bad.
I am going to a Greek restaurant tomorrow with a group of friends, plate smashing and dancing !!! I am so isolated here I never get trick or treaters.
Hope you are feeling better soon Jan.
Just like a night in eh Kay? :-)
Yes P, what I do every night !!! Hope you noted my time and score on Trivia quiz yesterday.....44 seconds I think and 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You must have cheated! I forgot to go it yesterday!
Wonder if Crofter will go trick or treating?...think maybe Harry will be a bit young!
We should get the cauldron out in the shrubbery tonight and get the potions started!
Do any of you watch Benidorm? I have just giggling away at does make me laugh.
It is really typical of the people you see on a package holiday. Been on a few...years ago! Not now...ever!
Have you all gone to bed?
Yes !!! I had a phone call, then started packing things, sorry....Goodnight allxx
Goodnight Kay....are you coming here for Christmas? I need somebody to cook the dinner!

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MM and KM Links October 2009 [Week 5]

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