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Woolyback | 21:16 Wed 21st Oct 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anybody point me in the right direction to a connection with the following from the Cinnamon trust quiz. (For anybody not doing the quiz it is a picture quiz, so I can't be certain on the exact answers, but each set of answers are connected in one way or another).

3. Jools Holland, Pete Waterman, Phil Collins and Rod Stewart

8. Cutty Sark, Tent, Top Gear presenters and Wallace & Gromitt

13 Orange butterfly, Spongebob Square Pants (or carnival) and Tea Cup & Saucer

15 James Earl Jones, Kim Basinger, Quentin Tarantino & Tiger Woods

Thanks in anticipation


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Do you have any of the other connections or answers.

Dont know what the connection for 8 or 15 is ??

Think 3 maybe a train connection and 13 is cakes
I agree with Bubster for 3 (model trains), and like his/her suggestion for 13 if 13a is a rock !
Which ones do you need clues for Bubster? I'm a long way from finishing, but maybe able to guide you along the way.
6 know all the stars but not the connection
9 know all the stars but not the connection

13a look for a balancing rock in Yorkshire
6 Channel 4 now !!

9 Still trying to come up with a connection. I can link various three out of four permutations, but not all four
Channel 4 is it True Blood or Generation Kill??
I am trying to find a connection to No 9 as well, but it might help if someone can tell me who 9c is.
also 1b, & 4b.
9c is David Starky!

4b is a Mullet!

1b dont know what the flowers name is
Is 6 a TV programme then?
Thanks for them, Bubster I have put down 'Horror films'
Hi Magyar what is the Channel 4 connection to number 6?
Must be thick or something I cant see it!!
Mind you it is rather late!!
Sorry Bubster, went to bed after I posted so didn't see your further question. It's connected with the first programme, True Blood.
Question Author
Thank you all. I'm a little nearer now.

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