MM and KM Links October 2009 [Week 3]

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crofter | 18:01 Fri 16th Oct 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good Evening AB Linkers, everywhere!

I am ashamed to say that I made a pig’s ear of the scoring of MM Links last week. Is this what Life has in store for me now that I have reached the critical age of 65? Do I become a grouch and complain about everything as a newly fledged SAGA-lout? Perhaps I was simply in a state of shock because Dustybun had scored Four Points?

Whatever the reason, I had better print out the corrected League Table after Week 2, so that everyone knows where they stand! It is as follows:

FOUR POINTS: beejay, Dustybun, rogerr, slaney & wickedtongue
TWO POINTS: Aquagility, fordward, Jim, Jools, Jo Ontice, lysander, miss meg, pauline, roslyn, Strix & twix123
Nine others are on ONE POINT

All those on Four Points are previous winners, so I’m keeping my eye on “Fresh blood”, Elspeth!


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Knowing Kay...they will still be there! :-)
Good evening all,

Did someone mention bananas???
Hi twix...Kay and banana's in the same sentence seems to fit...only joking!
Pauline what can you mean ?? Have just come out of the loft and they are not there either!!!! They are def. not in the washing machine because I did a white load today and it came out white !!! Do dogs like bananas ??
I don't know about dogs Kay...but our cat does!
I imagine everryone's gone to bed by now as it's taken me ages to go through all the Billy Fury and Union Gap treasure (thanks Jan). I'm just wondering if Kay put the custard in the machine with the bananas ~ just think of the mess asfter the final spin!!! :0)
Kay..are you going to give me your forwarding address...or are you moving so I can't visit again? A bit drastic I would have thought!
Well the funny thing is I haven't looked at any houses yet and the people tonight have got to be out by Dec. 16th. They asked if I could move quickly and I said Yes I have a very good friend in Stockport who would gladly take me, my dogs, my goods and chattels, my car boot stuff and my bananas in (if I find them), oh nearly forgot all my poetry books too !!!!
Who's that Kay...would I know her?...I am averse to poetry.. :-))
Maybe we could auction you on e-bay?

Any offers for Kay?
Dustybun...after visiting Kay...she could quite honestly think the washer was the she never used it! :-))
I had to fend for myself!
Well my bed is calling me...will bid you all goodnight, and see you in the morning.
Have really got to go to bed now, perhaps the bananas have gone up there!!! Pauline next time you come to stay I promise I will cook all your meals and you MUST eat them all !!!!! You'll be sorry lol. Goodnight everyone, the carboots still call in the morning so will post my links later.
Goodnight Pauline and Kay, sleep well and don't dream of bananas! ;-))

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MM and KM Links October 2009 [Week 3]

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