FAO Redman (otherwise known as my No. 2 LOL)

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paross | 15:31 Mon 14th Sep 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Afternoon :-)
Stuck on a couple, please help me!

Stuck on a couple, please help me!
7D. Port city of south-east Spain; from arabic 'city of lights'? A-I-A--E
22A.Unit of dry measure used in various middle eastern countries, standardised in Egypt to equal approx. 5 1/2 bushels? A-D-B


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Hi Paross ! Sorry about yesterday, it was hopeless trying to log-on and reply to your requests due to AB Server being ill ! I don't mind being your no2, at least I've made it into the Top Ten !!! lol
Question Author
Thanks Redman, you're a doll! Saved me a trip downstairs for the atlas and as for 'ardeb' I have never heard of it! Anyway, finished it now thanks to you. This site was abominably slow yesterday, but one thing I AM pleased about is the return of 'REFRESH' so we can find each other quicker!
Hope it's not going to happen every time there is a big workload otherwise next Sunday will be the same again !
The Tech Team are still ironing out the teething problems but today is OK so far. Wish it was always like this.
It's about time someone on AB won the big Prize Crosswords, or mif they have they are not admitting it !
Question Author
Well it's not me! I have been doing the Sunday one for years and never won a sausage, but I have won the Birthday Quiz twice in the past, so I've had 500 out of The Express.
Well done to you for that ! I often wonder how many entries 'the Mail on Sunday' & 'The Sunday Express' get for their Prize Crosswords. It must run into tens of thousands. Keep going as they say.
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You do send your entries in don't you? You can't win it if you're not in it!!!!! Although the reliable post office (LOL) will probably NOT deliver a lot of them because they're striking AGAIN!!!!! Why they think they should not be modernised is beyond me - nobody else gets to choose such things these days; if we did I'm sure we'd all stick to what we know best. Arses!

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FAO Redman (otherwise known as my No. 2 LOL)

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