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poodledoo | 13:42 Wed 02nd Sep 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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29)Which is the largest of British seagulls?
35)Which is the largest reptile, other than a snake, found in Britain?
48)What is the largest British member of the weasel family?
56)Which RAF missile is named after a British butterfly?
85) What bird can fly at 120mph?
97)Which bird holds its head back in flight?
The quiz is set by a wildlife ranger service, so answers are related to nature. No number of letters given.


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56 Brimstone
no 29 Great Black Backed Gull /
no 48 I think its the Stoat ??
48 I have an otter being larger than a weasel. 36in to 8in.

97 Possibly a heron.

35 A sand lizard is about 7".
Question Author
for no 48 there's the stoat, polecat, ferret, mink & badger to compare
85)= Peregrine Falcon
97)= Heron as Tox suggests
Dear Poodledoo,
Read the clue for 48 again, as a badger is most definitely not a member of the weasel family. I think that "Otter" is the answer.
Good luck.
Question Author
thank you for your answers

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