Or the bunny gets it?

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Blinky | 16:34 Mon 22nd Nov 2004 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Does anybody know the film that has a scene where a poilceman/Sheriff is holding up a toy fluffy white rabbit and is pointing a gun at it?

We have it on a quiz but they have obscured the face of the guy.
Cheers everyone


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there is a scene in con air where Cyrus the virus has a pink bunny and threatens to shoot it
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I just got the quiz marked and that was right Skellen so thank you!

Are you playing Invisibles when you should be working?


I am so unbelievably crap at that game.

nae problemos


can some one send me the quiz, im bored


Question Author
Nope sorry guys can send you the quiz, i was doing it work but it was for a children in Need quiz there on paper and we had to hand it in by 5pm today.

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Or the bunny gets it?

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