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Strix | 19:03 Sat 01st Aug 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This has to be the most irritating website I have ever come across.
Trying to go back more than 3 pages this evening (6 pm) I get a "timeout" message.
When I clocked in at 5.30 am I got the same message.
This has never happened to me on any other website I have ever dealt with.
Am I alone?
What is your take on it?


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I get this message regularly but it's usually only when I click on 'threads I'm involved in'. It's very frustrating.
It's all part of the Answerbank loyalty scheme... just how committed to posting here are you lol...
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Good one, sn�gs !!
Well it doesn't inspire loyalty I am afraid. It is one of the reasons I hardly use this site any more
Just got the 'time out' message again now.
You are right, sn�gs. It's actually when I click on 'Questions I answered' - clearly I've answered too many.

The system is very slow generally tonight.
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factor30, I don't think it is as simple as just answering too many questions.
I don't.
I only post for the KM and MM links and only occasionally mess around at the MM & KM links Friday night Shrubbery party.

The other weekend I was asked (by email) by seekeerz if I could post the clues and later the link words for the KM links and I could not even get on the site for "Timeout" messages and that was, to start of with, at just after 5 in the morning and I don't think there is much traffic on the site at that time of day!!
seems to happen periodically and has been bad the last two or three hours, have just shifted to Firefox and seems quicker now ?
It's not been too bad today until about 5.30, Strix. But now it's given up almost completely.
'Questions answered' seldom opens, but 'Questions I've visited' is usually better.
I'm glad it's not just me tonight! It's just taken me over 40 mins to get back to this morning's MM Links game. It was only four pages back but I got timed out three times and then I had to get to the 3rd page of the thread! I think this site is too bogged down with stored stuff. If they cleared the thread links from our profiles after say 2 weeks I'm sure the site would run better. Who on earth wants to look back at things we put on threads 2 years ago!

Now I've got to start it all over again to get back to this morning's KM Links! Talk about getting to screaming pitch!! Thanks Strix ~ I feel better for that!!!! :0)
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Right gang, the only way round that I have found is to copy and paste the full website address for the thread in question,
i.e. for this thread it is: zles/Question791117.html#top

and then paste that into an email and send it to yourself.
When you want to see that page, go to your emails and click on that link.
Strix....I've found the best way to go back to a question previously visited that you wish to look at later, i.e. the KM or MM Links, is to add it to your 'Favourites' in IE or 'Bookmarks' in Firefox.

Good evening. Just to say that like Aquagility I find Questions I visited works much better, and as it shows questions you've answered is just as good, unless you visit so many the questions you answered get pushed off.

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