buildings fact or fiction & furnishings

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blackfish | 15:56 Wed 15th Jul 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1 a bloodsucker (5)
2 gain money (6)
3 weed seed (5)
4 inclement weather (6)
5 jolly good fellow

thanks for any help


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5 Frieze ? sounds like "for he`s"
3. Clock (dandelion)
Question Author
I did wonder about that but it says seven letters ! so I am still thinking , thanks
5. How about freezer?
4. Shower ?
-- answer removed --
freezer of course i didnt have the number of letters
2 Window (win dough)
Unbelievable just advertised about 6 posts down to get it off ebay and questions asked already
1. leech?

mamyalynne, you got me on the right track for freezer.
oh smouse i feel awful now, i always wait until a week or so before closing as a rule
dont worry about it
I just thought it was a record for asking so soon after it was advertised
I certainly hope oddbods idea of sharing clues and not answers takes off

I sense these wont be the only 5 they need

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buildings fact or fiction & furnishings

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