Rhodes Minnis money quiz

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Mamyalynne | 22:24 Wed 17th Jun 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Any help on this one


iniial letters of a phrase etc comcerned with money old or new.

Thankyou in advance, I have found lots of the questions have duplicate possible answers, so am eager to post this and forget about it.



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Feed The Birds Tuppence A BAg
Question Author
Thankyou very much

Hi Mamy !
How you doing ?
Question Author
No bad mylady glad you are back hope all is well

Yes, everything fine..was out last Saturday celebrating lordalex's 'significant birthday'.
I don't think anyone opened up the you think it has run it's course, or shall I open up as usual on Saturday again ?
I was going to come back from Tunisia to open up, but couldn't get a flight in time. The rep wasn't the least bit helpful!
That's just downright rotten , atsgran....did you make a complaint and try for a refund ?
Question Author
how dare one say that i have been diligent in the extreme
mamy opened up on Saturday and they sold all the raffle tickets before I got any !!
Sorry, mamy...I tried the search function on Sunday and couldn't see anything......but I was a little the worse for wear.
A thousand apologies.

Opening as usual on Saturday, then, matron ?
If I can remember where it is, I'll be there on Saturday, but if anyone sees an old lady wandering about looking lost - do stop and help
Well, it's all there.....raffle, jellybean cocktails, mops and buckets, the lot. How could I have missed it ? Don't answer that.

See you all on Saturday about 8pm as usual.
Question Author
well i am most happy to open the doors if you and your lordship may still be taking apres dinner drinks in the library or you retake the reins as last week i never even had the chance to don my uniform, may explain why i got less respect than usual
Question Author
bye milady hic

M x
Well, I would be most obliged if you would keep an eye on things and if there is any undue tardiness on my part, please open up.
I will certainly be having stern words with the other members about the shocking lack of respect you mention.

Good evening, mamy, I think I can hear the ancient retainer coming with my cocoa. (On a silver salver, of course.)

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Rhodes Minnis money quiz

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