maths puzle!!!

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sjs | 17:16 Mon 01st Nov 2004 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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my son has been given this from his maths teacher.apparently even she can't do it.

got a grid of squares 4x4.

got 8 title cards which must go along the top or side. they are as follows :- prime number, square number, odd number,even number,triangular number, multiple of 5,multiple of 3,multiple of 7.

the numbers to fit in the grid are:-


we have got so far and been left with 1 number that doesn't fit!!!!

Spent hours on this and it's driving us mad.


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Check this

          X3         ODD       X7      EVEN

TRI      6            21         28         10

PRI      3           11          7           2

SQ       9           1           49         16

X5       15          5           35          30






What went wrong with that ???

Any way ignore the &nb sp ; etc.the numbers occur in the correct order.

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wow thanks for that answer!  we puzzled over it for ages!!.

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maths puzle!!!

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