It's Here at Last!...Dragonfly 4!!!

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paulineward | 20:12 Mon 23rd Mar 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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"T for TOWNS" (The Fourth Dragonfly Quiz)

Consider the following cryptic clues ~ all answers begin with the letter "T"

1. Regulation concerning caravaning in County Durham
2. Desmond suggests a lower second degree (4)
3. He'll bet you can't outrun fact anyway (4,10)
4. It's restricted to take cab back with company (7)
5. Two-thirds of wood to this country goes to half of 2
on the River Niger (8)

The first is a place in the NE, the next is a person's name, then an occupation, followed by a plant and the final one is a place name abroad.

Interested? There are 100 similar clues in the Fourth Dragonfly Quiz, whose full title is "T is for Towns 'twixt Tees 'n' Tweed", which contains clues to 50 Towns (cities and villages) in the NE of England and 50 words starting with the letter "T" (with five themed groups of 10). Copies of the new Quiz can be obtained from the organiser: Mrs Pauline Ward, 9 Hassop Road, Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire, SK5 6ST. Entry is �1 and cheques should be made payable to "Stockport NHS Foundation Trust (Dragonfly Team)" which will support the work of a local Children's Hospice visiting children who are spending their last days in the bosom of their family.

Don't forget to enclose a stamped addressed envelope carrying the correct postage please. Remember that there is a surcharge of �1 imposed by Royal Mail on all letters with insufficient postage.

You will have until the end of June 2009 to submit your answers and �50 has been allocated for prizes ~ including a prize for obtaining the average score and another prize for scoring below the average!

Once again, the Questions have been set by Krophta (aka crofter).

1. TOW LAW = Literal meaning plus name of village
2. TUTU = Desmond (TUTU) can mean II.2 degree


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Question Author
1. TOW LAW = Literal meaning plus name of village
2. TUTU = Desmond (TUTU) can mean II.2 degree
3. TURF ACCOUNTANT = Anagram of �can�t outrun fact�
4. TOBACCO = TO + CAB (<<<) + CO(mpany)
5. TIMBUKTU = TIMB(er) + UK + TU(tu)

Sorry ...alll the answers didn't fit on!!!

Anyone who paid in advance with Dragonfly 3 will have their copies sent out tomorrow...if you do not get it in the next day or so, please let me know.

Postal Applications for the Quiz only please. My daughter helps me, and she has a system!!! ...Many thanks.

I hope you all enjoy it...and support us as much as you have done in the past.

Pauline x
At last. I've been waiting for this for ages, and looking forward to your littles odes too. Crofter's quizzes are definitely worth the entry fee, so my cheque will be in the post tomorrow.
How many pages does your quiz have? Just so I'll include a decent sized envelope and enough postage for two copies.
Question Author
Many Thanks is two pages (backed) A4 size. These can be folded of course.
Thanks for your sure you will enjoy it.

If you would like copies of the previous quizzes, please let me know.
Good News!
Dragonfly 4 is on its' way
Must send for a copy without delay ;O)

Oh No!!
We'll now have to suffer Pauline's ditties
'bout Northern towns and also Cities! :O(
Question Author
I wondered what you were going to put then Sarumite!!!

You know you love my little rhymes
They always get worse at bedtimes! :-))
My mind is as pure as the driven snow Pauline ... don't know what you were expecting me to put!! :O)

and if you believe that .... ☺☺
Question Author
Of course Sarumite, you stay abreast...
We all know you are one of the best!! :-))

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It's Here at Last!...Dragonfly 4!!!

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