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ash318 | 16:34 Tue 03rd Feb 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Clue: Savant Answer: s?s?
Beast of Burden mu?e


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I think the Baest of Burden could possibly be a MULE.
1)Is the second S right ?as it could be Sage
2) Mule
Question Author
The secomd S is from Clue: Objective
Answer: SEEK
Savant - Could it be Sage - for a learned man.

what about the first 'S', if that is wrong the answer could be Wise.
Question Author
If it is SAGE what woult that make Objective: G??K
I expect the "objective" is GOAL
Question Author
The first S is correct
Clue Rarely
Answer Seldom
Seek doesn't seem to fit the clue 'objective' so is the answer GOAL, then SAGE would fit.
Question Author
If GOAL is curect that would make this what
Clue:Strange or Odd
Answer :Peculier
Question Author
Clue: Stange or ODD

Answer: P?C?L???
peculi A r
Question Author
Thanks for that guys
Helps if I had spelled PeculiAr correctly with an A and not E
Thanks again.
My partner will be impressed I completed the crossword AGAIN
How's it going Ash, are you nearly finished your crossword?

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