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tpw536w | 17:04 Mon 02nd Feb 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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What Theme section
17) Friendly (7)

Things that grow section
2)Found in boats aged by the weather
13)Did Oliver rest on him?
16)Is it St. paul's, Hyde park, nelson's Column, or what?
6)Does that black hat sound like part of a uniform? ( Would that be just berry or some sort of berry?)

Thanks for any help


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13. laurel
What theme----Amiable
things that grow---16-- London Pride
6-- I've also gone for Berry
2-- Sage (hidden word)?
Cordial - a drinks theme?
amiable? affable? Don't understand the theme bit.
13. Laurel- as in Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy maybe
Thanks vegasmad, paddywak & flicrat, amiable is the word I was looking for, thanks
Should have said I needed them as well plus plenty others
Flicrat, In the theme section of this quiz there are 19 cryptic clues, question 20 is what theme connects all the previous 19 answers?
Question Author
Thanks everyone, can I help on any of yours stones2409?
Thanks for explanation paddywak,as I am not doing quiz so would have no idea what the theme might be.Obviously would need other 18 answers!

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