KM Links Game - January week 4

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seekeerz | 07:44 Sat 24th Jan 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone, I hope we're all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, etc for this morning's attempt on the links for this weekend.

Given that a number of people were making haggis and/or practising their Burns poetry till the wee small hours there may be a few who don't scrub up too well, but we can only hope.

Now, will this morning's poster be an early riser or a night owl - whoever, they will post the link words and their selections and then the fun commences.

As usual the rules are pretty well non-existant, well, relaxed anyway - no throwing stones, mud or abuse at each other and no stealing other peoples thunder !!!
If you can figure that lot out, just tell me please, as I don't have a clue !!! Too much practising for Burns night !!!

As usual though, the contest will end at midnight and yours truly will be back later to do the calculations and post the results.

Best foot forward, everyone, Good Luck and let's hope Kate too, is in a relaxed state of mind -nothing too devious.

Now to see what if anything is hovering on the horizon....


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words are
i'll start the ball rolling with
nickel odeon
chop sticks
dawn raid
triple crown
Pork chop
Crown Jewels
Nickel silver
Air raid

Question Author

how's my favourite night owl this morning ???
how is the puppy
Question Author

and you too, lysander.

Lamb Chop
Crown Lease
Nickel Plated
Air Raid
Question Author

the puppy is gorgeous - named Holly, knows her name, comes when called, eats everything put in front of her, hasn't ruined anything - yet !!! and doesn't howl all night.
So far, so good, thank you.
Morning, S, still dark here buy her goes:

chop SUEY
crown COURT
DAWN raid

Don't know if I'm your favourite, but this owl hurts!!
Mustn't whinge, but I'm a Pom!!
karate chop
crown jewels
dawn raid
whoops ^

nickel odeon
Chump Chop
Half Crown
Copper Nickel
Dawn Raid
Morning all

pork CHOP
CROWN bowls
NICKEL plated
dawn RAID
Morning all,
Chop Sticks
Crown Colony
White Nickel
Border Raid
Lamb Chop
Triple Crown
Nickel Coin
Air Raid
Barnsley chop
Crown Derby
Morning everyone

LAMB chop
Nickel ODEON
AIR Raid
Good morning everyone.
Good morning...

Chop Sticks
Half Crown
Copper nickel
Ram Raid
Lamb Chop
Crown Court
Nickel Odeon
Ram raid

Morning all, there was nothing on the site when I first looked - so went back to bed.
I've come up with:-
PORK chop
SILVER nickel
AIR raid.
Goodluck everyone.

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KM Links Game - January week 4

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