Family Relations Quiz continued...

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Mouth7 | 23:24 Wed 24th Dec 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Many thanks for the previous answers for the family relation cryptic quiz... i have a few more that i would be grateful for help on.

eg. Cornish Miner abroad (6,4) = Cousin Jack

1. Liberal rendering of 'Christian Soldiers' hymn (5,6,4,2,6)
2. To be found in Paradise Row (6,6,8)
3. Why kindness should be shown to Mandarins! (1,4,3,2,9,6)
4. A shy relation (4,5)
5. Mikes OK but Sandy's asking anyway (3,3,4,2,6)
6. What a howler! Well i'm surprised. (1,7,5)
7. A layer in the theatre (6,5)
8. P.C. controller (11)
9. Lassies ill tempered offspring (3,2,1,5)
10. Phonetic medicine man was deposed! (4,3)

Many thanks...


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2. Mother Kelly's Doorstep
4. Aunt Sally
8. Motherboard
6. a monkey's uncle.
8. father-in-law ?
9. son of a bit*h
10 Papa Doc
7. Mother Goose
5 Can You Hear Me Mother
1 lloyd George Knew My Father

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Family Relations Quiz continued...

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