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fabemmy | 19:28 Mon 15th Dec 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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does anyone know the answer to this brain teaser.
I havnt a clue what it is.

� There are 7 girls in a bus.

� Each girl has 7 backpacks.

� In each backpack, there are 7 big cats.

� For every big cat there are 7 little cats.

Anyone know the answer all I know is you dont count the bus driver in it,


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What is the question?
Question Author
my question is in the bullet points I said.
but what is the question?
The bus has wheels on it
Excuse my query - but what is it you want to know?
Its my favourite film schoolgirl safari xxx
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sorry just realase what I have done not inclusing the main part sorry about that.

The question is How many legs are in the bus?
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7 girls x 7 backpacks x 7 big cat= 343 big cats

343 big cats x 7 little cats = 2,401

2,401 + 343 = 2,744 total cats

7 girls x 2 legs = 14 legs

2,744 cats x 4 legs = 10,976 legs

10,976 + 14 = 10,990 total legs
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thanks that is correct just checked it.

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