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PuzzledPedro | 15:16 Sat 29th Nov 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Not sure how to keep the family amuzed this Christmas, why not give them a copy of our Winter Ditloid Quiz

First Prize �50.00
Second Prize �25.00
Third Prize �10.00
Three Lucky Dip Prizes - �5.00

Entry Fee �1.00

All profits to Lions Charity Account
Helping people in the local community

100 Ditloids or Language Equations to solve. Each question is clue to a familiar phrase or event that contains a number, but you only get the first letter of each word. For example the answer to 1 W on a U would be 1 Wheel on a Unicycle, or 1969 CFF is 1969 Concorde's First Flight. This type of quiz can be extremely frustrating so don't worry if you don't get all the answers, there's always the three lucky dip prizes, so remember to send your answers in, you never know what you might have won. You have until Valentines Day to complete and return your answers but don't get so engrossed that you forget to enjoy the 12 D of C (12 Days of Christmas).

Copies of the quiz can be requested by sending a stamped, addressed envelope and entry fee to :-
Ditloid Quiz(AB), Lions Club of Billericay, PO Box 4359, CM11 1HB (Cheques \Postal Orders should be made payable to Lions Club of Billericay).

The closing date is Saturday 14th February 2009


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Will we be allowed to have our marked sheets returned with this quiz PuzzledPedro?
Sorry, Lions, I am not encouraged to enter this quiz, as you did not return marked answer sheets from the last one.
Question Author
Magyar & Keyboardix - I am really surpised by these requests for marked answer sheets. I have taken part in many quizzes over the years and very rarely I have I received a marked answer sheet back, it has usually been a set of the correct answers and a list of the winners. I have also set a number quizzes and only provided a set of answer and until the Rainbow quiz this has never been a problem. I will have to reconsider this for future quizzes if it is going to stop people entering but the Ditloid it was my intention to only provided a set of answers.
Thanks for replying PuzzledPedro. I don't know which quizzes you are entering, because in my experience by far the biggest majority return your answer sheet if requested, and it is very very few that don't, but as long as you make your intentions known beforehand it should not be a problem. Certainly the quizzes I have set I have been very happy to return the sheets back if requested, as I will be doing with this year's Children In Need quiz for those who request them.
only just seen this, is it possible for you to email it
Question Author
jaycee401 - If you email me at [email protected] I will send you the quiz as it is so near the finishing date.

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Billericay Lions - New Ditloid Quiz

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