Why is AB Q&P not showing beyond 'page' 10

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wideboy | 18:51 Sun 16th Nov 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I'm trying to look at earlier Q&P questions but can't get past 'page' 10. Keep getting a Time Out.

Anyone else got the problem.


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This happens most weekends.

It usually gets reset by Monday afternoon.

In the words of 'Bob the Builder' . . .
"Can they fix it? . . . No they can't"

Hi wideboy I have not been able to go back beyond page 10 for months or when you ask a question to check if it has been asked before nothings there its so frustreting !!!
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Thanks folks - that's what I thought, typical weekend, Can't access the Questions I Answered in My Profile either (that's quite common at the weekend).
Sometimes "refresh" works.
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Not very often at the weekend - tried it several times.
I haven't got into Qs I Answered all year. Refresh never works for me.
This has been a problem for over a year now and AB keeps promising to update the server but it seems they just can't be bothered.
I haven't been able to access questions I answered on my profile page for months , always get timed out .
I agree. It's very annoying and makes me wonder whether it's worth carrying on with AB.

How about some action Ed ??
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I've directed this thread to the AB Suggestions section - maybe the Ed will eventually see it?
You can often get round it by going to the address bar when you get to page 10 and altering the number 10 to 12. That will take you to page 12 and you can usually work on from there. It's a pain but it often works for me. The search facility is actually Rubbish. You could try the old 'Google' advanced and put yopur search criteria in and also add 'answerbank'. That usually gets some response.

Good luck.
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Thanks Munden. I've tried that but with no luck. The trouble with the idea of 'pages' (especially when using Google) is that the questions move page as more are added. I notice that individual questions have a question number in the address bar - much more useful - pity that Google doesn't seem to pick up on this?
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Questions I Gave Answers To is now working - very late Tuesday into Wednesday!

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Why is AB Q&P not showing beyond 'page' 10

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