KM Links Game - November week 1

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gen2 | 07:38 Sat 01st Nov 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Well here we are at the start of a new month and I (gen2) am standing in for seekeerz for the duration of November. (Please don't stress out the abacus - it is about falling apart after a traumatic journey to the UK from Australia)

Since I am not time-shifted, I cannot readily post at the unearthly times of 2 or 3 am that you have previously been accostomed to, so you will have to make do with a 6:30 (ish) start each Saturday this month. Is that early enough for the early posters? I hope so.

I anticipate some early riser will soon post the answers to the four greyed clues in Kate Mepham's GK crossword in the Daily Telegraph. ind that will kick off the rush for you lot to start guessing what she has chosen to pair with them in Monday's Herculis Crossword (In the Daily Telegraph again of course).
The Herculis crossword is in a 15 x 15 grid so links up to that size are possible but are usually much shorter. Use yout skill and psychic powers to pre-empt Kate and declare the links.

Points will be awarded according to the regalar rules and will accumulate throughout the month until be have a winner for November.

Anyone can play. The link words you suggest could go either in front of or behind todays words to make a (usualy) well known compound word or phrase.

So it now falls on some poor early riser to commit themselves to declaring the 4 answers in today's crossword.

Failing that, I'll have to go out, find a newsagent that is open early, buy a paper and solve them myself. Now you don't want to make me do that do you?



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crocodile tears
crop circle
central babk
mirror image
should be bank
Morning all,

Eccles has posted the words as:-

Apologies Gen 2-our messages crossed in the ether-
do we need to post our answers again?
'Morning gen2 and all..
Just to confirm the links are

My choices are,
Crocodile rock
Wing Mirror
Cash crop
Central Station
freebi can you post the four words only please.Thanks a lot
Good morning all. Here are today's link words:

I'll go for

Crocodile clip
Driving mirror
Riding crop
Central heating
I'll go with

Nile Crocodile
Mirror Image
Eton Crop
Central America
crocodile tears
full crop
central park
mirror mirror
Morning all
MIRROR image
CENTRAL heating
CROP rotation
Bumper Crop
Crocodile Tears
Central Line
Wing Mirror
Crocodile Rock
Mirror Carp
Cereal Crop
Central Heating
Question Author
My guesses are:

crocodile DUNDEE
mirror IMAGE
Central PARK
Centrino and my links seem to be on an earlier post at 6.44 Hope you have seen them Regards Lysander
crocodile dundee
mirror image
eton crop
central park
Morning all
Good luck for the new month
gosh we are on the ball this morning
thanks gen2

Crocodile shoes
cracked mirror
bumper crop
finchley central

Question Author
Thank you eccles for posting the links. I have recorded those first entries from the other post above this.

Obviously, I'll have to get up earlier than 6:30 next week!

Hopefully, everyone will be settled in on this thread now

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KM Links Game - November week 1

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