KM Links Game - October week 3

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seekeerz | 04:04 Sat 18th Oct 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Goodness, we're getting through October at the rate of knots and while I think of it, youre truly will be absent from the scene during November and gen2 will be in the hot seat and running the show, so best behaviour, please.

I'm getting another early start today as I'm watching the race broadcasts from Melbourne and trying to figure out what on earth I'm going to back in the Cup this year - having made picking the winner into a bit of an artform in the past few years [ sheer fluke, most of the time] friends keep a close eye on what I'm looking at and Now I've got sarumite to contend with so it'll be out with the dart board fairly soon.

Right, now the reason we're really here - to try and match wits with Kate Mepham and predict her matches with the links words from this morning's Crossword. As I mentioned in last weeks results, I believe there's a conspiracy between Kate and ulysses100 to keep us all in the dark - the past two weeks have been unpredictable in more ways than one - we await today's words with interest and Monday's matches even more !!

Who knows who will be the early riser and post today's links - last weekend the eccles household made a very early start to the day and as a result MrsE is out front with 6 points - well done !!

Anyway, Good morning to whoever that early riser might be, I might post this before I'm timed out and be back with a little more


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Ooooh, that was a pleasant surprise - one of the benefits of finally going onto broadband, I hope !! Nothing I like better than seeing a whole lot of waffle disappear into the wide blue yonder and then I have to start all over again grr.

Quick message for Dustybun - will try very hard to keep a check on my inventiveness in future - we can't have sarumite getting into a tizzy now, can we !! ?? Hope he's calmed down after last weekend !!

Ok, I'm off to the races and will return when the other side of the world starts to wake up............bye for now S
A cold and frosty morning here in Kent - or at least it felt like on the forecourt at 6.00.
Todak Kate has chosen-


Will the links be obvious or devious? Enjoy.
Links I think & hope ( perhaps wait for confirmation) are
love,goose,greens & choke

Mrs E
Love nest
Goose step
Bowling greens
Choke necklace

Golf greens
I'll go for the obvious, with

Puppy LOVE
EIDER down
CHOKE chain

Good luck!
Question Author

Morning to you, AQ

Eternal Love
Eider Duck
Bowling Greens
Engine Choke

fat chance !!
Morning all
Eider down
Spring greens
First love
Choke valve
Question Author

hang about, gang - is it 'eider' or 'goose' ???????
Stupid me!!!
Can we change to Mrs E Eider down & idiot head to eider duck
Question Author
no worries, eccles !!!
Love Letter
Eider Down
Spring Greens
Coil Choke
Morning seekeerz and AQ, hope the gee-gees run as you bet.

Here goes

love KNOT
RIVER eider
choke DAMP

Good luck one and all.
Question Author

eccles - just had a quick look at the times - you'll be ok for bonus points if it's Eider Duck, but just outside with Eider Down - sorry, S
Morning all

LOVE letter
IEDER down
spring GREENS
CHOKE valve
Good morning all. My choices are

Love Song
Common Eider
Greens Norton
Manual Choke

love NEST
VILLAGE greens
Morning all,
Love Affair
King Eider
Spring Greens
Choke Berry
love note
eider down
bowling greens
car choke
love machine
eider duck
spring greens
choke lead
love nest
eider down
winter greens
choke cable

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KM Links Game - October week 3

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