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paulthewall | 19:53 Sat 11th Oct 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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What kind of fantastic reference library do you access? Where on earth do manage to find out such obscure answers? Are you the original Mr Memory Man???


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get a life
Probably where the rest of us find answers on that" fantastic reference library "called Google .
I think tyrepill is pretty fantastic too - he's saved me tearing out many a time, and SO QUICK! Has he been on Eggheads?
ok so it's one of my other ids but i don't shout about it, keep it to yourselves
We wiil Dot ...your secret is safe with us :)))
shaney you are a gent lol
Whatever you do Dot please don't tell everyone about my degree in nuclear physics :)
daily sport
Good on you, tyrepill, for getting both the brickbat and the accolades!

Someone, somewhere, is always going to be snipey.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Keep posting and help out the halt and lame!
The point is Strix that tyrepill is hardly the only one who is answering questions and there are quite a few who are answering more - so why pick out just one? It is sycophantic to say the least. The sooner this thread disappears into oblivion the better.
Tyrepill can have me anytime for his help. Well, metaphorically.
For once I have to agree with Catron :)
Well Strix we could all fawn and flatter if we felt so inclined .
There are a great many people on here who could deserve the same accolade .
I don't go in for creeping .
Many men know how to flatter, few men know how to praise.
Well, Catron and shaneystar2, I thought part of the point of this website was to help those who did not know, or could not find the answers and that we, who did know, could provide.

Being supercilious and saying "why don't you go look elsewhere on your own bat? i.e. Google wikipedia etc" seems to defeat the purpose of this site which is only providing the same service.Or does the extra mile in Internet searching deserve more of an accolade?

I could equally say "why use this site, why don't you go out and buy some decent reference books?".

Why pick on paulthewall and tyrepill, there are many others who provide instant answers day in day out on this site and if someone, paulthewall, choses to thank them for so doing why post a snipey remark about their thanks?
Strix, you are missing the point. Nobody whatsoever is picking on tyrepill - they are a prolific 'answerer' to questions and long may it continue.

However, there is a big difference between saying thanks and the fawning attitude of someone who is singling out one person for praise when there are others who, if we wanted to go down that route, deserve it just as much.
OK, point made.
Perhaps the thanks did deserve an OBN but I thought the criticism a little over the top.
hmm, a rather socialist viewpoint there, Catron: no praising one ABer's help unless you praise everyone's... paulthewall can praise who he likes, and ignore who he likes. That's what the internet is for. Anyone feeling he or she does not get enough praise can always call Mum.
Oh yes they certainly can, jno but they have to expect such remarks as they have received on this thread if they do so in such a manner. :-)
oh my gawd, never mind, get your cards for bingo nite live tonight and see if you can all cheer yourselves up a smidgin
Get over yourself Strix .....when you come on here and actually give any input rather than haunt the shubbery on a Friday night then your post might make a bit of sense .

If you can find any post that I have ever made telling someone to ..."why don't you go look elsewhere on your own bat? i.e. Google wikipedia etc" then good luck to you

I am perfectly happy to help anyone but I don't need someone to tell me how clever I am in neon lighting .
Not that I am that clever. I can't be . I am a mere woman .
Point taken Jno :)

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