Peterborough Lions "It's on the map" quiz

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QuizmasterG | 12:48 Wed 17th Sep 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have noticed one or two questions cropping up from this quiz already but the people concerned are not naming the quiz or just heading them "unusual place names in the UK" or the like.

This quiz does not close until 25th JANUARY 2009.

Is it not too early to be posting questions for this quiz?

Why are you not putting the name of the quiz in the Question title?


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That happened with the Lions car quiz

I think if they are going to ask early, and I do not agree with this early, then if they at least put the quiz more people might be aware which one it was from

Don't like to agree with the moaners but are they really getting any satisfaction from this quiz if they have given up already
smouse have you got the Tom Dick and Harry Quiz??
here here its the same with the all creatures great and small which doesn't close until 31st december
No I dont have that one - must have missed it somewhere

Do you recommmend it? If so will you give me the details
smouse you can find details on my last earth wind or fire post, it is good
Answers were being asked for on the 4th September and when I asked why they were being asked for so early I was told they could ask whatever questions they liked, they have to date asked for 31 answers so far. Why are they doing this quiz?
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The answer is probably the �100 first prize.

Why bother doing the quiz yourself when there are so many obliging people on AB to do it for you!

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Peterborough Lions "It's on the map" quiz

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