MM & KM Links August 2008 [Week 2]

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crofter | 19:58 Fri 08th Aug 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Once again it's Friday, which is Italian Night at the Croft. The meal is cooking nicely and I have opened a bottle of red wine, so that it can breathe! I am about to pour my second glass, but I promise that I'll let the rest of it breathe! I have had a very lazy day watching the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Fantastic spectacle!

This will be the second round in the reign of Sir Sarumrite and he has promised me a tighter game in which he will cut down on the possible options for links. In preparation, I have sprayed the Sacred Abacus with WD40 to minimise the friction and thereby eliminate overheating. I guess it will be sensible to get in early and gather the bonus points. Look out for his second launch, which should take place tomorrow at 8.45am with his four words to be linked being declared at 9.00am.

This week should also see the continued smooth running of the KM Links and International version of the sister game which is driven by the choices made by Kate Mepham of Hercules fame in the Daily Telegraph. This parallel game is organised by my good friend seekeerz who hails all the way from the Land of Oz. This version kicks off as soon as someone receives their copy of the DT, solves the Hercules crossword and posts the four words to be linked. This can happen as early as 06.30am! Why not try your hand at BOTH games.

As for me, I am crofter, Keeper of the Rule Book and Sacred Abacus.

Happy Linking!



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I learnt very early on in Teacher Training College that it paid to sound confident, especially when you hadn't a clue. It worked with the college lecturers but was even more important when faced by bunches of bored, turned off teenagers.
Christiana, doesn't sound like the brief for a politician?
Well after that I'm feeling absolutely 'bushed' Strix. Time for bed, said Zebedee.
Goodnight Christiana...will call it a night myself also....
Goodnight Strix...hope the puppy recovers well.
Pauline, me too off to bed, it will take the puppy six weeks before the leg is mended (that means a once a week visit to the vet's in Marlborough (ask sarumite where that is, it is somewhere near the Mediterranean by comparison to where you are !! :-)) Wear sunblock if visiting sarumite (I believe it is also an anti-rust remedy which is what most of us need protecting from this "summer"!!)

Lastly, Pauline, Rascal will be fine, we have her sister here with us as well as our own four dogs.

TLC is an understatement......

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MM & KM Links August 2008 [Week 2]

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