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oldernowiser | 21:48 Fri 18th Jul 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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All answers are supposed to have some colour somewhere in them - but could be a bit obtuse eg. rose, mustard. This is so hard! Any ideas on these: 1. Dutch landscape artist. 2. Inhabitant of the Fens ( the Dutch) 3. he had a disfigured face and kept the bodies of ex-wives in a room where his wife Fatima found them.
I said it was hard....


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2. Yellow Bellies
3. Bluebeard
Apparantely there are Dutch artists called:

Hans Vredeman de Vries
Pieter Jansz. Saenredam

The both have RED hidden in them.

I'm afraid I got bored of looking. Here is a long list of them if you wish to continue. ch.html
There is a colour Van Dyke Brown..
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I didnt realise the AB-ers were so good! Still not convinced about Van Dyke though or the hidden "reds". Here's a last one: 4. the four lowest-ranking heraldic officers of the college of arms.

Dont know if we're looking for four colours or one.

Many thanks anyway
It appears to be:
Rouge Dragon Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary

Does "rouge" count as a colour?
1. Anton Mauve (1838-1888) was a Dutch landscape artist.
That's much better kettledrum....Van Dyck was known for portraits.

The four lowest-ranking heraldic officers are Pursuivants, and are known by the names of Rouge Dragon, Rouge Croix, Bluemantle, and Portcullis.
It doesn't seem worth bothering when there are so many alternatives for just a few clues. The setter may just mark your choice wrong.
Hi oldernowiser - is there still time to get this quiz please? Regards GG
Question Author
Thanks for all your help guys - think I've got all 85 now, although the heraldic officers one is a bit vague. This is just a little local quiz for our small museum in rural Suffolk - I think you'd have to visit if you wanted a copy Granny Grump!
Thank you oldernwiser - I would but I'm a bit too far away up here in North Yorkshire

Good Luck anyway

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