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quizmouse | 12:47 Tue 08th Jul 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I am preparing the next Charity postal quiz....
(as well as trying to complete the ones I've bought!!)
How many questions do those completing them expect to have??
100, 50, or does it not matter??
Also how long should you be given to complete??
2 months, less??
I would be interested to get a few views.... might as well give people what they want !


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I don't mind how many questions there are.

alot of quixes give you about 2 months to complete them in.

good luck

I have been compiling postal quizzes for years so have some experience. You may have bought one from me!

I personally think that 100 questions is too daunting & may put some people off. Mine always have 40 questions but 50 should be quite acceptable.

The length of time you choose for your quiz to run depends on how many you are hoping to sell & how many helpers you have to assist you.

Good luck with the one you're compiling currently.
I don't think 100 is too daunting if there is a couple of months to complete it in.
After all, Quizmail has 100 to be completed in less than 3 weeks, every month.
Having said that, ABers seem to lose heart easily, however far away the closing date is, and are tearing their hair out after about a week.
Some like to finish straight away and be done, others like to beaver away right up to the closing date.
Oh dear. Just checked and Quizmail has 150 questions to answer in less than 3 weeks. Amazing.
Hi quizmouse,
How many ? well however many will fit on your sheet,
as length of questions tend to differ and people do need room to right answers.

With regard to timescale I think a couple of months seems to be reasonable, Dragonfly give us 3 months but then they are superb quizzes.

I always find the subject matter the hardest part, it would be interesting to see what subjects quizzers prefer if any.

Good luck with compiling yourcurrent one look forawrd to seeing it posted on AB.
I think 100 and agree that at least 2 months

Now if we could just persuade people not to ask for at least the first month!
How about 200 questions with different themed sections and give 2 months?
200 questions would result in totally bald ABers and clog up the AB!
I am only too pleased that you and the other Compilers put in all the time and effort in compiling the quizzes so am happy for you all to do whatever suits yourselves.
I think 100 questions is about right, something to get your teeth into. Two monthe seems a good length of time. But i suppose it depends on how many quizzies you have on the go at any one time.
100 always seem a good amount of question.With a couple of months to do them.Hopeully not seeing them onAB within the first month. Good luck.
Hi quizmouse

I feel that it not so much the number of questions as the subject matter and format. Everyone has a favourite type of quiz as well as one they hate. I personally am not keen on all General knowledge which merely means scrolling through Google. I do like a a mix. A few pictures (sorry) a few dingbats ,ditloids & General Knowledge. At the end of the day I am just happy to buy a charity quiz that someone has taken the time to produce. Thank you

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