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Lie-in King | 16:46 Thu 26th Jun 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I wonder who will post the 100,000th question? Will there be a prize from the Ed? Will the system crash? Will the counter reset?

Exciting, isn't it?..


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How can you tell how many questions have been posted?
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Just above this thread - "1-20 of 100000" - oh gosh! That means it was me!!
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That didn't last long...

Sorry all!

"Little things please little minds"
hope you get a prize lie in king, your knowledge on this site is amazing, well done.
Yes congratulations.
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Thank you shaking, but I was just having a giggle after a trying day...
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Lol - Thanks for that kempie! You had groovy colours back in the day, man - far out!
wow! that was clever - you must have been sitting with finger poised ready to strike - well done! I hope Ms Ed notices and gives you a prize! ...aha... but will you be able to get the 200,000th question? :o)

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