MM Links June [Week 4]

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Dinkypuzzled | 09:45 Sat 21st Jun 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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'The Dinky Duke' invites you to join him once again for Week 4 of MM Links for June.


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This week�s Link words relate to something which I believe most of you ( if not all of you ) are interested in. You may well do this on a weekly - or even daily basis.
It is certainly the reason that I joined the AnswerBank. If you are like me then you like to do this on your own. However, there are times when we just need a little help from our friends.
Question Author
According to normal practice, for the everyday running of MM, I will follow the usual rule on word length as introduced by crofter. Each of my pre-selected link words contains at least four letters and at most eight letters. Stray outside this range and you will be wasting one of your attempts!

Each of the selected link words may go in front or behind my challenge word! The competition will officially close on Sunday Evening at 7.00pm, when crofter will declare my pre-selected words and then apply the same rules for awarding points that have been applied during all MM Link Games in the past. My fourth set of four words to have their links predicted should appear below at 9.00am.
'puzzles' is just too obvious!
cross words ????
That squirel is still there Pauline
Could it be Crosswords??? (yes I am here, rain stopped Car boot sales!!) must be 'nuts' ...sat there all that time!
X ray that sounds as if I am the squirrel!!! He is moving about on a stick on my screen!!!!
Well Kay, at least you've spelt squirrel right - I didn't !
Good morning Dinky and all fellow-linkers! Yes, it's got to be crosswords but as I've yet to score this month I'm probably well off the mark (that squirrel/cat or whatever it is is beginning to annoy me) :o)
what is all this about squirrels and nuts?
I was dozing in bed this moening and dreamed I was in the labour ward giving birth to my daughter and couldn't do the links! She was born on a Saturday but a good few years prior to the links!!!
Question Author
I, The Dinky Duke, challenge you to predict my third set of four links based on the theme:

Newspaper Crosswords


Good Luck everyone!
thanks and here goes :-
Pony Express
Royal Mail
Times Tables
Post Haste
Pony Express

Mail train

Post office

hard Times

Good Luck all
express TRAIN
mail DROP
GOOD times
post HASTE
Express Train
Mail Order
Times Square
Post Office
Here goes
GOOD Times
express train
mail delivery
modern times
last post
I will go with...

PAST Times
Morning Dinky Duke and fellow linkers.


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MM Links June [Week 4]

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