'body bits' quiz for east anglian air ambulance

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quizmouse | 01:09 Sat 21st Jun 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This quiz is now coming to a close. Thank you everyone who has taken part. I am letting everyone know that the follow on quiz is the 'SO & SO' quiz. 100 questions the answers to which are all well known pairs ie egg & bacon or dumb & dumber etc. The entire quiz has been devised by myself using the internet for reference. So questions will not be repeated anywhere! Wether you agree with the questions is another matter, however!!
The proceeds are being donated to the Elisabeth Svendson Trust for children & donkeys in Sidmouth. If you would like a copy please send your donation (min �1) and a SAE with your answer sheet for the body parts and you will receive your copy when the answer sheets are returned, thus saving one lot of postage. Cheques can be made to CAM magazine or direct to EST.
May I suggest if you are sending a coin you tape the coin to a piece of paper, then put the coin within the return envelope then fold the whole lot as flat as you can inside the envelope. I have received several like this and no harm has come to them.
Many thanks for your support


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quizmouse if weve never entered before what is the address please?
quizmouse has probably already gone to bed.

Here is the address on the 'Body Parts' Quiz:

3, Lark Rise
CB 23 7XZ
Thanx Gen2
I havent paid for my bodyparts so can I make out a �2 cheque and if so who to
or if 2 separate ones who does the bodyquiz one want making out to
Ive gone for CAM magazine - wont seal envelope yet but if you can let me know if thats OK
�1 for body quiz and �1 for new one
Question Author
Thanks for your interest. We have a charity account CAM which we will put general cheques into and then forward one cheque to EAAA so a cheque to CAM would be ok. but if you want to send one for each then one is for EAAA and one is for EST. its up to you we will sort it out whichever way you choose.
I dont remember sending any sheets out that were not paid for smouse, are you sure you havent paid already??
I am just pleased with the general support Iget from peple using this site, and how we can help, albeit in a small way, these struggling charities.
I would also ask that when the sheets first go out it would be nice if the answers did not appear on here for a few weeks..... but maybe thats unrealistic. These quizzes take ages to put together and it is very disheartening to see them posted on here within days, i feel it becomes a lottery then, you could just send a cheque and that be entered into a draw, but i hope some pleasure is gained from doing the quizzes. I know I enjoy the ones I do.
No it isnt paid for its a copy - I checked and it doesnt say on it no copies and so thats what I do a lot of the time if someone passes it on to me. Dont worry I never get a copy and then dont pay (apart from the new disney quiz and I wont go down that path again) so hope thats OK - shall send it anyway with my �2 cheque

I agree on the not asking too soon but thats a discussion that will go on and on


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'body bits' quiz for east anglian air ambulance

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