Macmillan film dingbats

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smouse | 09:45 Mon 16th Jun 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I know people ask early for some quizzes and it can get a bit heated but when hops asked one of these on the 14th I asked if it was from this quiz. They said no and I beleived it was just a coincidence

Then my friend found another they were asking so it seemed a bit odd

I used the new reinstated search facility and found they did the christmas and the film dingbats for the hospice last year so guess they felt the need to lie to me

Think this is more upsetting than telling me they can ask what they want when they want at least thats a fair comment

hops Sat 14/06/08 19:39
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well, smouse, now we add hops to our blacklist which is growing quite long! I don't do this quiz but I often find and answer Quizmail posts unwittingly because the poster has made up a red herring title. It just isn't on and lying IS worse than asking.
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I feel really silly now that I fell for it - lol

My blacklist only has 2 names on it to be honest - they are the ones who never ever say thank you and never give any answers to anyone and say they just need 3 but then the next day just need another 3 and so it goes on

I dont agree with the being nasty about asking early (I wish they wouldnt but thats another matter) but lets take liquids and gases. A month or so ago there was real ill feeling because people asked and now with less than a month to go to submit it I would think almost every question has been asked so still dont see what the difference is

Oh must stop the rant - sorry
smouse, If they ask really early and DON'T get help they try a bit harder and usually the question isn't asked again so ther's a chance that the prize credit will be a bit higher in each league.
My blacklist isn't very long. Just half a dozen. I recognise their screen names instantly so hops had better not be doing Quizmail!
Hi smouse and Tallulah, I hope I'm not on your blacklist?
I'm usually on the AB in the evening or late at night [except for today when my quizzes won, over the housework !] and I look through the day's postings to see if I can answer any but I'm usually too late. I don't do quizmail or any crosswords, just the quizzes I've sent away for. I do appreciate any help I get.
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lol certainly not
My 2 know who they are I - I havent hid it at all
and of course now hops for not being honest

Other than that always happy got give any answers I have when I can and I must do more quizzes than a lot of people on here - posted 12 today and another 8 to go
dear smouse, as i have already said i thought you were being rude. when i use this site i do so for help, not to be told that is the wrong time to ask and for this to be then posted as an answer. however i am willing to accept that you are more straightforward than rude so i will give you a detailed reply. last year i asked for help on question 25 which was ;- DR
i had managed to answer the other 53 within the first 4 to 5 days but i knew that i could look at this dingbat until the cows come home and get nowhere, so i decided to ask for help on this site, i was immediatetly told that i should not be asking at such an early juncture, i had never used the site before. in the event this dingbat was cancelled by the quizmaster on marking because he had thought his answer doctor on top was a film when it transpired it was just a tv series, so nobody was awarded a mark for this. in the end 17 names including mine who had got 53/54 went into the hat and a draw was made. this year again i managed to answer 52/54 within 4/5 days. i then asked for help on this site with the remaining two. two helpful people on this site provided me with an answer for one of them between them. the answer which you now know as well was again one that i would never have managed because i have never heard of the film. the remaining question [no.36] will still remain a mystery to me until i am told the answer. in summing up that is why i have used this website but you do not need to boycott me i 'll leave this site to you and yours, have a good life
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As far as I am concerned the matter is now over
I found and read the thread from last year and saw I had commented on your attitude to someone else
You do not need to have heard of the film to solve them - thats the fun of a dingbat and if you have heard of all the other 52 then you are very clever and deserve to win

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Macmillan film dingbats

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