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yellow11 | 21:51 Sat 10th May 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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two third through thanks to k! now need another push please
11a grasp the point detailed east of texas 4,3 S???/??T
13a one building giving shelter to own very old elephant 8
2d stop old leftovers blocking sink 9 F?R?????L forestall? if so why?
3d briefly travelled to the north,then left town 7 N?W????
9d laughably predictable horse ?H?S???F


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suss out i think
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now have 13a
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and 9d so done!
Now I'm asking 13a mastodon and if so, why?
I've got mastodon but not sure why it is that - it just fits!
13a Mastodon

MASON = One building

Own/alone = TOD

MAS TOD ON = Old Elephant

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times 23910

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