Riddle - answer needed!

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Duranie | 14:13 Thu 08th May 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Does anyone know the answer to this please?


I turn polar bears white
and I will make you cry.
I make guys have to pee
and girls comb their hair.
I make celebrities look stupid
and normal people look like celebrities.
I turn pancakes brown
and make your champane bubble.
If you sqeeze me, I'll pop.
If you look at me, you'll pop.
Can you guess the riddle?

97% of Harvard graduates can not figure this riddle out, but 84% of kindergarten students were able to figure this out in 6 minutes or less


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How can you squeeze time and how can time make you pop by looking at it? :)
how do you work that one out marky???????
No - answers the last line anyway.
"No " is the answer. The question merely asks if you can guess the riddle. Ask this to a child and they will answer no quite quickly whereas a university student will take their time trying to figure it out.
Question Author
LOL - that's true! was driving me nuts!!!!
The time has come, winter is here and those yellow bears disapear.

The time has past as man looks back with a sighand a tear in his eye.

As time is held boys cross their legs but of course the toilet begs

As time marches on Girls loose their blush and swap a comb for their brush

As time passes For those held high their end is nigh

As time catches up Everyone is equal when we get to the final sequal

As time turns Without it we have flour and water With it we have breakfast for my daughter

As time revolves How does one turn water and wine into something so fine

As time runs out The more in a minute you try and squeeze the less you can do with ease.

As time ticks All the time that has past man cannot comprehend something so vast.
And 84% of kindergarten students would know that?
we have very well educated kindergarten students round my way :)

Ok fair point I'll take that one, obscure poems probably aren't on the curriculum in kindergarten

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Riddle - answer needed!

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