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shortstuffO3 | 04:03 Thu 08th May 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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First one: What is double one-half of one-fourth of one-tenth of 80,000?

Second one: Eight years ago Jane was twice as old as Ryan. Two years ago she was as old as Ryan is now. Now Ryan is 5/6 as old as Jane. How old are they?



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1. 2000

2. Jane is 12, Ryan is 10.
I agree Jane is 12 and Ryan 10 but get a different solution for the first one.
one-fourth of one-tenth is one-fortieth.
one-half of one-fortieth is one-eightieth
double one-eightieth is back to one-fortieth
one-fortieth of 80 000 is 2 000

Sorry cancross. I misread your solution as being1 200.
and its a quarter not a fourth and its maths not math - problems with English too?
I wonder why you are doing these questions in the night. Either you live somewhere in a different time zone to the UK or you are night shift workers relaxing!!!! or you are insomniacs......
Different time zone!
Question Author
Yep different time zones. And no, I am no English major but I do fairly well in it. That is just exactly how the problem was written. My algebra teacher has them every week, so, blame her or where she gets them.

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