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catfish | 11:03 Sat 03rd May 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I still have a few of these I am struggling with - any clues please?

11. Information about old stick in the garden (6,3)
12. Flags one stands up for? (6)
21. The only Scotsman in the bible? - with small symbol, a six-pointed star (8,4)
29. ... but at the back of the cricket venue is sand - ideal ground for this plant (5,3,6)
42. Roman emperor with healing qualities (8)

I also think I have the answers for a couple of questions, but don't quite understand the clue -

36. One blooming a long time in the remote parts of Paraguay (5) - I have g----
76. Shy essayist makes a bloomer (7) - I have c------

Thank you


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11 Golden rod
29 is 'Lords and Ladies' (lords sand + anagram of ideal)
11 think of another name for stick with a colour in front
12 think of going up with i in front 21 wise man in bible before an aquatic animal 29 name of a cricket ground in london with females 36 starts with p a long time then y 76 think of another name for shy regarding throwing
Just one more to go....I'm struggling with 21 - the Scotsman in the Bible....woud be grateful for further clues if possible. Will happily help out with any other answers that I have if required...Thanks!

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