Guess what folks??...Yes!...It's Here!! Dragonfly 3!!!

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paulineward | 19:52 Fri 25th Apr 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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What you've all been waiting for!!!!......

"G" is for GAMES PEOPLE PLAY: The New Dragonfly Quiz

Consider the following cryptic clues ~ all answers begin with the letter "G"

1. Scientist places current in unfinished galleon (7)
2. Whip up with an old spoon? (4)
3. What Midas used to fish for Solidago (9)
4. Author not recognised working by spirit lamp? (5-6)
5. Biblical location stops No. 1 ending on Earth (7)

The first is a person's name, the second a game, then a plant, followed by an occupation and the final one is a place name.

Interested? There are 100 similar clues in the Third Dragonfly Quiz entitled "G is for Games People Play" which contains clues to 50 Games and 50 words starting with the letter "G" (with five themed groups of 10). Copies of the new Quiz can be obtained from the organiser: Mrs Pauline Ward, 9 Hassop Road, Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire, SK5 6ST. Entry is �1 and cheques should be made payable to "Stockport NHS Foundation Trust (Dragonfly Team)" which will support the work of a local Children's Hospice visiting children who are spending their last days in the bosom of their family.

Don't forget to enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

You will have until the beginning of August 2008 to submit your answers and �50 has been allocated for prizes ~ including a prize for obtaining the average score and another prize for scoring below the average!

Once again, the Questions have been set by Krophta (aka crofter).

1. GALILEO = I (current) inside GALLEO(n)
2. GOLF = Reverse FLOG & a spoon was once a golf club
3. GOLDENROD = plant Solidago & King Midas
4. GHOST-WRITER = One writing for another & Ghost/Spirit
5. GALILEE = GALILE(o) + E(arth)

Can't wait to hear from you all!!!!...Love Pauline and Crofter!


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Great news!

Letter and cheque in the first post tomorrow. If this third one is anything like the others we are in for a lot of enjoyment and helping a good cause.

Thanks Pauline & crofter
thanks Pauline,
cheque will be in the post first thing tomorrow (well after the links at 9am)
hope you are going to post this again over the weekend to catch every body cannot imagine anyone being upset if you did
can you???
best wishes
Great news Pauline ....really enjoyed the last two .
I'm sure it will be another great success.. especially as you are such an accomplished salesperson :)))
Question Author
I think maybe we should run a book on how many times this quiz gets mentioned between now and the closing date!! :-)))

I might just mention it in passing once or twice!!

Seriously though, it's because of the goodwill of you all on here that these children have benefitted. You are all so supportive.

It's amazing how many people do actually miss a I must be consistent with it!! :-))
Pauline you are going to have a very full in-box tonight with your announcements of Sarumite's birthday and the new Dragonfly!
Question Author
Of course K!!!....oh well...delete button will get red hot tonight!!! :-))
Great. Cheque in post, I'm so glad I haven't missed it!!!
Great just in time to stop me getting bored. If it is as good as the last it will be great.
Great news Pauline ... can't wait !!
Well it's here at last what fun it will be
So come on A Bers send in your fee
How many we'll manage just wait and see
To find all the answers beginning with G.
Good luck Pauline . Sue
Question Author
Thanks everyone!! Oh are just tempting me into a few little little devil you!!! this space!!!
Thanks Pauline - mine is in the post already (even though it is raining).

I hope you raise at least as much as last time.
My cheque too is on its way
Please send my quiz without delay,
It's bound to be as good as the others
The perfect mix for all quiz lovers

Good luck with it Pauline
Question Author
Oh well, I can just see
You're all a match for me!!
I will have to work hard
To play the upper card!
It is so great to see
Such Camaraderie!

Love Pauline x
Dragonfly 3, Hip, Hip, Hooray,
For all those games us people play.
Provides the chance for others too,
Those kids less fortunate than you,
To play some games, have some fun,
So entries in, please, everyone.

Dragonfly 3 - Bound to be good - for us and the kids.
Question Author
Your rhymes are so much better than mine!!

Now that's where there should be a bonus prize rhyme!....must think of something!!! :-))

Hello Pauline, I sent for your new dragonfly quiz over a week ago and have as yet received nothing, I told my friend mrs thomson, carnoustie about it and gave her your address, they have got theirs, I just wonder if my name mrs H sinclair montrose rings any bells or has it never reached you. can you email me to let me know at [email protected] than you helenx
Question Author
granny helen...I have e-mailed you.
Can't have you without your quiz sheet!

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Guess what folks??...Yes!...It's Here!! Dragonfly 3!!!

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