Where's Marina's Mag competition answer site gone?

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originalang | 23:44 Wed 26th Mar 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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My elderly Mum enjoys doing magazine competitions and I check her answers for her on a weekly basis on the above website . Tonight I've tried as usual only to find a blog website in its place. Does anyone know of another competition answer site I can use for her please? Thankyou so much.


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You're a Star grasscarp and so quick! I've spent nearly an hour looking and had visions of going back to doing the competitions myself again so I can compare answers for her like I used to until some kind aber first directed me to the site some time ago. Thanks so much I really appreciate it.
Glad to help. Its a good site. I am just good at googling but bad at just about everything else!
Question Author
Dont sell yourself short, I'm sure you're good at many things, believe it! Thats the the right site but seems to be an old page of it because it was last updated 2005, it seems to have vanished, thanks so much for trying grasscarp.
originalang - please tell me which magazine competition answers you want - I may be able to help
Sorry for interrupting. sir.prize .... Good evening.. Any luck with the sandwich you were enquiring about? I think it might take a few loaves, actually, from what I have seen on here lately!!!
Question Author
Aww thats very kind of you but my Mum gives me lists from each of the Chat, Thats Life and Take A Break magazines once she thinks she's got the right answers. I don't expect anyone to give me all the answers, I'll do the competitions myself, dont begrude her the time, just that I'd got lazy once we found the website! Thanks sir.prize
hi there cugetit . . . . . I have leaned that the person's diet has changed to Chinese meals. So I suggest we substitute sandwich to a handful of noodles. Same ruling applies. Unbelievable that a supposed mature person can behave in such a childish manner. I guess that is what a lot of Mediterranean sun does to one.
I agree, sir. Find it very difficult to read some of the posts and it is not lack of reading ability. It really makes one wonder what this person does for real excitement!!
originalang . . Now that Marina's site has closed it is difficult to get the magazine answers. However, did you know that you can now enter the Thats Life competitions online at

And for Take a Break you can enter online here

Here are the answers for Take a Break Issue 13, closes on April 7

Issue 13 - Page 2
25 x �50 4-Squared
Answer: Cars
Issue 13 - Page 2
25 x �50 Mega Snap
Answer: 43
Issue 13 - Page 6
Win a Vauxhall Corsa
Answer: Grease
Issue 13 - Page 15
�2500 The Big Bonanza
Answer: Tunic
Issue 13 - Page 22
�2500 The Big Relax
Answer: Predicted
Issue 13 - Page 39
�100 Starscope
Answer: Lewis Hamilton
Issue 13 - Page 40
�250 Strike It Lucky
Answer: Moulin Rouge
Issue 13 - Page 44
�2500 in Travel Vouchers & Cash
Answer: 9
Issue 13 - Page 46
�1000 Arrow Word
Answer: Weakened
Issue 13 - Page 48
5 x �100 Now 4 Something Different
Answer: Bacon
Issue 13 - Page 48
156 Prizes Without Puzzles
Feel free to try for them all!
Tick every letter
Issue 13 - Page 50
�500 Code Breaker
Answer: Closed
Issue 13 - Page 52
16 x Family Break To Alton Towers
Answer: Were Stuntmen
Issue 13 - Page 56
2 x �500 Oops, I Shrunk The Puzzle!
Answer: Panted
Issue 13 - Page 59
Supermarket Bet
Answer: Plum

Good luck
Question Author
Cugetit, welcome, interrupt away, enjoy.
Question Author
Thats fantastic sir.prize, thank you so much for your time and trouble, I'll make a note of those answers, think she's an issue behind that. Its such a shame the site's closed. Thanks again, you're brilliant!
you are welcome originalang - good luck
Hi! Think I may have relocated the site again. It appears to be up and running at the mo and has the latest answers for Chat, Take A Break and That's Life (12, 13 and 13). Fingers crossed.


this brings the site up as

Good luck.
Went to bed thinking I had helped you, and checked again to find I hadnt.
This IS the location of the site. Updated March 20th 2008
We are back, had a problem on site, but all fixed now

Hi all ..nice to see you lottie ...I emailed Michael yesterday as I couldn't get into it either .He replied this morning saying it should be up and running again but I still can't get into this morning .I still get that blog thing appearing from my own bookmark and the links you have all given .I can access the forum but not the site .
Hi shaney, long time no 'see' :)

Are you a member on the forum, if so when you sign in and go the main page if you go to the big picture on the top of the forum (where it says ...
marinas competition page (with the black cat)
click on that and it will take you straight to the comp answers,
unfortunatly mike & mazz are busy for a few days so i've put this weeks answers up on the forum instead of waiting till the bosses get back, lol, be lovely if you said hello to me on the forum & we caught up with things, allowed lots of chat on there :)

Hi again Lottie thanks very much all seems to be working now ..fingers crossed ! I am a member on there but I have never posted anything !. I find these big forums a bit confusing . Old age creeping up !
I shall have to find up my membership details and have another go and see if I can find you .
Shaney x
Sorry to hijack your thread originalang..Good luck to you and your Mum with the comps .
Question Author
Thank you everybody, I've only just logged back on and found all your posts, I'm really grateful for all your help and delighted to know theres a way onto the site. Your support is fantastic. My mum's had her problems in the past, come through them and being able to do the competitions from the three mags means a lot to her. We mainly use the site to check her answers because she enjoys doing them herself. She won a trolley dash a year ago (most embarassing thing I've ever done!) and also ended up with the �500 cash bonus so shes even more hooked. I'd give you all top stars but dont seem to have the facilty to rate answers tonight. Thankyou!!!!!!

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