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scenic | 09:54 Thu 06th Mar 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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q. 38. Freshwater fish with common name derived from Welsh for 'white' is only found in which lake?


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Gwyniad, found in Bala Lake.
Entrants are paying substantial sums of money to enter this quiz - it is not a �1 a go charity effort.

Please stop posting questions and allowing lazy people "freebies".

There are a few discussion sites for Quizmail including on Yahoo
I had no idea that Quizmail was 'ringfenced' in this way (and I can not guarantee to remember!).
But for those contestants who just want hints or clues, here is the dedicated discussion site.
It is not "ringfenced" - it's just annoying and unnecessary to need to ask questions in this quiz.

Teams of people work hard to collect and collate answers only to have difficult answers broadcast to all and sundry.

Like a lot of other quizzes, it is being undermined by people jumping straight into Answerbank and other sites before exploring every avenue open to them.

Some questions would take longer to type into AB than it would take them to Google.

Please wait until nearer the closing date (in this case 18th March - 12 days away) and not spoil things for the rest of us in the meantime!

Hear hear! Well done, QmG! A very reasonable and well-stated reply.

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