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Reddevil1976 | 22:45 Thu 28th Feb 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please could help me solve this geocaching problem. I am absolutely clueless.

One evening, I was having a wee dram and browsing the geocaching forums, when I became aware of my dog, Sandy, barking outside. At first, I thought that her barks were quite random. Then I realised that amongst other barks and growls there were two distinct sounds � a yip and a woof. Now call me mad, or perhaps it was the effect of the whisky, but in a moment of clarity I understood what she was saying. She was telling the bull terrier down the road her age. (They are on regular barking terms.) She told him that she was yipyipwoof years old. He replied that he was only yipyip years old; so she was twice as old as he was! I should have guessed that dogs have a different way of counting than we do. Anyway, I am giving you the co-ordinates to a great place for walkies (and the cache) in dog-count. This may even advance canine-human relations! Now then, where's the Old Grouse?

(Note that each digit is translated separately.)

N yipwoofyip yipyip� yipyip yipyipwoof . yipyipyip yipwoofwoofwoof yipyip'

W woof woof yipwoof� yip yipwoofwoofyip . yipwoofwoofwoof yipwoofwoof yipwoof'

In the hint there's a clue to deciphering the above!

Additional Hints

Think like a computer! Cache at foot of small oak tree little way down slope.

The answer should take the form of a set of co-ordinates, i.e. N 53� 36.614 W 002� 19.947

Many thanks in advance.


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Think like a computer IN BINARY

Yip = 1
Woof = 0

Her age = 110 = 6
His age = 11 = 3

Co-ordinates are therefore:-

N 53� 36.782
W 002� 19.842
If you go to Google and enter:

N 53� 36.782 W 002� 19.842

then click on Maps, You will be shown exactly where to go. (NW Bury)

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Geocaching Puzzle Solution

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