laurab1988 SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

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earthakitten | 21:39 Sat 09th Feb 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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why ??????


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Is this a quiz question? I don't get it.
I was going to as the same squarebear- then I scrolled down the 1st page on Q&A............all is revealed.
She is asking why the poster Laurab1988 has posted all the questions for a quiz just now. (see below)
i feel it is a dig at the mismatch questions below and the author not trying

got bored with them in the end as they are not difficult
Question Author
Sorry for the lack of info all ..... Don't usually get involved like this but this just spoils the site. I know it's a question and answer site but really !!! Just pleased that the majority try before asking the last few. Rant over ! xx
Trouble is I didnt see an answer for my missing one

Seriously that was beyond belief. I guess by posting a few at a time people start to answer without realising what is going on but I am sure they asked them all - maybe just trying to prove a point but this is spoiling this site now

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laurab1988 SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

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