The Times January 1057

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LottieAnne | 12:18 Wed 30th Jan 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This one is really hard and some help to get going would be appreciated.
4ac On pastry it is returned by saints (6)
5d Matches or men or politico-social organisations (14) 4th letter 'r' penultimate letter possibly 'l'
6d Large enough to swing a cat in (7) 5th letter 'n'
8d They are not, however, responsible for the boiling surf (8) 5th letter 'o'


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6d is the clue as written?Looks like Titanic - anagram of
a cat in to mean great, but needs a t
get it now - start with T as in "suits to a t"
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Sorry, I left off the last word 'it' so you are right it is an anagram. Sorry about the date, too, it should have read 1957! 4ac now has t as the 4th letter

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The Times January 1057

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