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NILYA | 19:17 Mon 21st Jan 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have today received my quiz sheet and answers, and feel that there may be others who are puzzled by the answer given to No.23, as Herbert Asquith.
I repeat my earlier posting of 26/11/07(?), raising a query about this, in that nobody had made any comment. I entered Arthur Balfour, for the reasons I put forward.

I have recently received the above quiz, which I find very interesting. However, there appears to be a problem for No.23, as queried by smouse in: zles/Question460987.html I have The DT A to Z of (almost) Everything, which gives the names of prime ministers and are numbered, and wonder if vegas9302 has used this in compiling the quiz.. I have gone to several other reference books, and Encyclopaedia Britannica, with different answers. I have since found that there are two prior entries missing in A to Z, which makes entry 48 become entry 50. Since there may be some confusion as to the right answer, I am wondering if the alternative and apparently correct answer will be accepted. Have any other ABers had the same problem?


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I put John Major as according to the Downing Street web site he was the 50th P.M. Surely they know. As I got another wrong it doesn't really matter Thats life
me too diane, i used the same web site as you so got it wrong.
didn't expect to win just like to check the answers
I'd also put John Major as the 50th P.M. but where there were PM's like Gladstone who served 4 times and Disraeli who served twice, that was counted as SIX prime ministers making the answer Asquith.

There were too many ambiguous questions and even wrong answers - we didn't have colour tv in the 50's - BBC 2 had it in 1967.

And what was that one about Achilles scoring 50 'in the right heel'?

I shan' t be sending off for their next quiz.
Glad I stopped doing it - lol

I had paid for it so they didnt lose out but as you said there could be several answers and although I queried it the setter never left a reply

Judges decision is final I guess
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Thanks very much for all your comments

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